“Avatar: The Way of Water”: The first images of Kate Winslet as a Na’vi warrior

Kate Winslet and the director of “titanica“, james cameron they got back together to work on the sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water.” Magazine Empire published the first images of the actress playing a Na’vi warrior named Ronal, whom Winslet herself describes as a “deeply loyal and courageous leader”.

According to the publication, this character will be one of the leaders of the tribe Metkayina alongside Tonowari, the character of Cliff Curtis. In that sense, Ronal will have a fundamental role in the film that will follow the family of Neytiri and Jake Sully in their escape to another corner of Pandora.

“She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader,” Winslet said of her character. “She is strong. A warrior. Even in the face of grave danger, and with an unborn baby on board, she still stands with her people and fights for what she loves most. Her family and her home.” she added.


To play this character, Winslet learned to hold his breath underwater, he even ended up breaking the record that Tom Cruise did during the filming of the movie “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.”

Cruise held his breath underwater for six minutes while filming his movie. According to the magazine, Winslet held her breath for seven minutes and 14 seconds to “Avatar: The Way of Water“.

“It was brilliant and I was so proud of myself, I’ll probably never be able to do it again,” Winslet told Entertainment Tonight. To achieve this record, the actress spent four weeks of fairly intense training in a scuba tank.

about his reunion with james cameron After working together on “Titanic,” Winslet commented, “Jim and I are totally different people now than we were 26 years ago. He’s calmer and I’m definitely more hyperactive now,” she said.


Disney confirmed that the release date of the sequel to “Avatar” directed by James Cameron, will hit theaters on December 16 under the title “Avatar: The Way of Water“. The company has been increasing the expectation for the continuation of the film for several years, which since 2009, still remains the highest grossing film in history with almost $2.9 billion raised at the box office.

To warm up engines, the original film will be screened again in theaters around the world on September 23. About the new “Avatar: The Way of Water“, Cameron indicated that it is shot with the most sophisticated technology, the 3D” of better resolution “and a” visual effects of greater realism “.

“I wanted our return to Pandora to be something really special. Every shot is designed for the biggest screen, highest resolution, and most immersive 3D available. And I think we did,” the filmmaker said in a recorded message from New Zealand. , where he is finalizing the launch details.


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