Avatar 2: I met the first images of Kate Winslet as the Na’vi warrior

Avatar 2: Meet the first images of Kate Winslet as the Na'vi warrior.  Photo: NAThe first images of Kate Winslet as the Na’vi warrior. Photo: NA.

25 years after working togetherKate Winslet and James Cameron return to the cinema for the launch of Avatar: the path of water, film that will hit theaters in December 2022.

This film has been in development for years and is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Therefore, to increase the expectations of the moviegoing public, Empire magazine showed exclusive images of the production and some details of the character played by the protagonist of Titanic in this sequel.

The British actress returns to the water, since this sequel will see the creation of a different environment than the one that could be seen in its first installment. “I’m going to focus on Pandora’s ocean, which will be just as rich, diverse, crazy and imaginative, but without being a rainforest. I am not saying that we will not see what we have seen before, but that we will see more ”its director had announced.

Avatar 2: I met the first images of Kate Winslet as the Na'vi warriorPhoto: Empire.

In this installment, Winslet puts herself in the shoes of a Na’vi warrior named Ronal, leader along with Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) of the Metkayina tribe, which lives on the surface of the vast oceans of Pandora and will have a very important role in the new story.

As the actress has described her character, she is “a deeply loyal and fearless leader.” She “she is strong, a warrior. Despite facing great danger and being pregnant, she joins her people and fights for what she loves most: her family and her home,” she added about it.

Avatar: The Path of Water centers on the aquatic world of Metkayina, where Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) are forced to take refuge after fleeing their own home. The problem is that they are not entirely welcome in the Ronal community. The film arrives in Argentine theaters on December 16.

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