ASAP Rocky poses for Dazed and tells his story with Rihanna

The Harlem rapper has confirmed the arrival of a new record but at the moment his efforts are all for the new family he is building with the pop star he calls “his lady”

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We have seen him for months next to Rihanna, always in the background to the queen of pop – and especially her baby bump – but now ASAP Rocky he regained all his attention by posing for the cover from Dazed Magazine who dedicated the summer 2022 issue to him who was, among other things, one of the closest friends and collaborators of Virgil Abloh, the creative who passed away on November 28, 2021.

Rocky, rapper and record producer, is perfectly at ease in the role of the model at the center of a photo shoot that accompanies the interview within the issue that is already available on the British magazine’s website. The photos, the work of Brianna Capozzi, are a perfect portrait of ASAP way of life: only apparently chaotic and full of style. In all the shots, the artist wears garments from the recent (and highly coveted) special adidas x Gucci collection.

ASAP Rocky tells the street tale with Rihanna


Rihanna and A $ AP’s son is already the richest child in Hollywood

The chronicles of Rihanna’s pregnancy, arriving on time for every public release of the pop star, and the birth of the first child, who does not yet have an official name, have overshadowed ASAP Rocky who has been busier than ever in recent months. In addition to the processing of a new album that – he assures – will be released soon, the thirty-three year old from Harlem experienced for the first time in his life the joys of the family, the one he started building from 2020 when his relationship with Rihannacolleague and longtime friend, has started to get more serious.

To Dazed’s interviewer, reached by phone from Los Angeles, Rocky recounted with affectionate words what he continues to consider a fairytale love story, which led him to experience some truly surreal moments, such as a visit to her family in Bardados. Their love story with a touch of the street, born fromcross between music, fashion and artcontinues to carry that trademark of the origins and the rapper is proud to be able to influence with his presence the young generations of creatives and not only, today as yesterday.
Thanks to Rihanna (who in the interview he defines “his lady”) but also to Virgil Abloh, who directed them both in the video of Fashion Killa 2013 song that saw the famous pop star together for the first time with ASAP (which at that time was also opening its concerts) in the streets of New York City.

ASAP and Rihanna, always in tune


A $ AP Rocky released after arrest: $ 550,000 bail paid

Speaking of the future, ASAP Rocky makes it clear that for his son it will be a open minded parent and who will strive to educate him in the perspective of freedom and creativity.
He and Rihanna, truly extraordinary personalities in their environment, want to be special parents for the newcomer. The little one has come to complete their understanding, visible even with a simple glance. The rapper explains that their releases, always in tune also in terms of style, they are not the result of a design but of an equal vision of the world. The two steal their T-shirts – he says – and don’t know what the other will wear before going out, which happened (incredibly) even before the Met Gala in September 2021 when both appeared on the most photographed red carpet in the world with a “puffy” look. ”: A padded jacket for her and – literally – a quilted blanket for him.

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