Another indiscipline in Tigres? Soteldo absent from training

The UANL Tigers still unable to impose discipline since Michael Herrera he came to the technical direction of the first team a year ago, because the cases of ‘rebellion’ in the feline team are becoming more frequent and now it is the Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo who would have decided not to appear at the practice led by the Piojo this Thursday morning.

Herrera and the Tigres prepare for the game of the Day 1 of the 2022 Opening of the Liga MX against Cruz Azul andn the University Stadium this Saturday afternoon and the South American winger was absent from training without requesting permission to do so, according to internal sources.

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The Tigres started practice at 8:30 in the morning and Soteldo ‘was conspicuous by his absence’ on the Volcán field.

Did he go to a party?

Soteldo’s absence drew even more attention because the Venezuelan birthday is June 30, so some people speculated that he could have celebrated Wednesday night in advance, which is why he would have been absent.

At the moment, the royal club has not issued any statement and, on the contrary, space was given on social networks to congratulate Soteldo on his 25th anniversary.

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