After the separation other problems for Shakira: the shadow of a stalker appears

After the infamous separation from the footballer of FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué, Shakira is grappling with another sad situation. As Vanguardia reports, a few days ago the news was spread that, in her home in Barcelona, ​​the one that the Colombian singer shared with the athlete, several messages appeared with phrases of love.

The text messages, “I love you beautiful woman”, “I’m coming for you, my love” and “I’m ready to marry you,” were written in English on the sidewalk leading to the front door of the house. The same can be interpreted as declarations of love and support to Shakira for her break with the player, but also harassment.


The writings worried the singer and her relatives, and her brother, in fact, alerted the police to inform her of the situation and take appropriate measures. At the moment, little is known about the man who left these sentences, only some data that the Spanish program «Sálvame» has shared. Apparently the writings could be the work of a man of Russian nationality, who has been touring near the house of the 45-year-old singer, since he learned of her separation from Piqué.

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