According to Tyler Perry, the slap was also “extremely painful” for Will Smith

In the hectic months since the last Oscar ceremony, it has given time for the situation to calm down a bit. After winning the award for Best Actor for Williams method and assault Chris Rock on the same night and the same stage, the race of Will Smith He is going through a very serious image crisis, which after managing with apologies, his abandonment as a member of the Academy and its veto for ten years, has led him to stay away from the spotlight. Today several Smith projects are canceled or suspended, but there is still interest in going back to what happened during that gala. Tyler Perryduring his attendance at the Tribeca Festival, has just revived it.

Perry, humorist and actor whom we have seen in titles like Loss either the vice of powerwent along with Denzel Washington who first spoke to Smith, minutes after slapping Rock after a joke he had made about his wife’s physique, Jada Pinkett Smith. Today Perry clarifies that at that time he was not trying to comfort the star for what he had just done, but rather his intention was to reassure him. “There is a difference between comforting and appeasing, to begin with. And I left earlier to go to Chris and make sure he was okay. Being friends with both of them has been very difficult., recognize. Perry, thus, assures that what Smith did, objectively, “That’s wrong”. “And I made sure to tell Will.”

But Perry encourages us to put ourselves in his place. “As painful as it was for those of us in the room, it was very painful for Chris, who handled it like a champ. But I want you to understand that it has also been extremely painful for Will. Which doesn’t excuse you. He was completely wrong. But something triggered it, he’s not like that.”. The humorist recalls that he then found Smith practically in shock. “He couldn’t believe what had happened, couldn’t believe he had done it. He looked at him saying ‘what are you doing, this is your night’. To get to this moment, to win an Oscar, to a peak of his career that he so desperately wanted, and for something like this to happen…”

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Perry is still in contact with Smith, and can tell us that “He is reflecting a lot to understand what happened”. “I have to say that I just read his book, and there is a moment where he talks about not being able to protect his mother when he was a child. I know that feeling. I know the feeling of being a man and thinking about who you were as a child.” Perry refers to the autobiography that Smith published in November of last year, by title Will. “And if that trauma isn’t dealt with immediately, as you get older it will show up at the most inappropriate time. I know Will. I know him well.”

From the Oscar gala (where, although nobody remembers it, CODA won Best Picture), Rock has been outspoken about what happened during his shows. Pinkett Smith, for her part, hopes “That these two smart men have a chance to heal, to talk about this and reconcile.”

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