Wimbledon partners with Roblox to play in the metaverse

Andy Murray’s avatar at WimbleWorld

The players have already jumped onto the tracks of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon to enjoy the famous tournament and fans, apart from watching the matches and following the results of their idols, they can add a virtual dimension to their fans by entering WimbleWorldthe game or mini-metaverse that Wimbledon has created on the virtual platform Roblox.

The game allows you to get rewards to exchange them in the official virtual store of the tournament

The game, or event, as these activations are called in Roblox parlance, allows users to play on center court, which this year celebrates its centenaryvisit the club’s facilities and get prizes that will be used to buy items in the official virtual store that the tournament has installed in WimbleWorld.

Among the products that can be obtained there are clothes and accessories from the collection Wimbledon Ralph Lauren 2022, with which users can dress their avatars and wear it both in the WimbleWolrd area and in other Roblox games. You can also get British player Andy Murray’s capand even interact with your avatar.

In addition to having created WimbleWorld, the Wimbledon experience on Roblox extends to customizing Strongman Simulator, of the company gangone of the most popular games on the platform.
Wimbledon is promoting its activity on Roblox through its social profiles.

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James KayDirector of International Communications of Roblox, has pointed out in The Drum that while Wimbledon’s global reach is undoubted, the platform gives it the opportunity to reach new audiences.

This year marks the centenary of the center court”, points out. “We’re talking about something that has obviously left a very lasting legacy among fans over the years and generations. Now we’re turning our attention to the next batch of fans and how we’re going to keep them engaged beyond just watching the games.”

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