Who is the tallest actor in the world?

Will it be Dwayne Johnson? Or maybe it’s Jason Momoa? What if the answer is not what you think?

If you think about who is the tallest actor in the world, names like Jason MomoaDwayne Johnson either Armie Hammer come to mind. It is clear that we always think of famous performers, but the answer to this question is not found in that list. partly because people with an extraordinary height also face situations of social and labor exclusion that make it hard to get a job.

Peter Mayhew is the tallest actor in the world

As I have anticipated, the name you are looking for is not the best known. The tallest actor in the world is Peter Mayhew, a 74-year-old, 2.21-meter-tall man who has become the tallest male performer in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he died on April 30, 2019 at that age, leaving us devastated because his role in the franchise starwars is known to all. It’s the person who got under Chewbacca’s suit!

Outside the saga of George Lucasthe film career of Peter Mayhew never highlighted: Sinbad and the eye of the tiger (1977), Terror (1978), Comic Book: The Movie (2004) and Yesterday was a lie (2008) were his only projects. Did height prevent you from aspiring to other roles?

The world’s tallest active actor?

What Peter Mayhew died a little over two years ago, we must go to the second on the list to talk about active actors with considerable height. Here we find Robert Mailletperformer seen on Pacific Rim either Shadowhunters city of bone. Before being an interpreter, he was also a professional wrestler, and every two for three we see him in series and movies because his career is very different from the one that starred in the previous case.

pacific rim
Pacific Rim is one of Robert Maillet’s best-known films.

How tall is Jason Momoa or Dwayne Johnson?

Jason Momoa He may be corpulent, but he is not as tall as you think: 1.93 meters. Y Dwayne Johnson, more of the same: he measures 1.96 meters. They are striking figures in the film and television industry, but nothing extraordinary.

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