Where to see ‘Vanilla Sky’ tonight, the ‘Open your eyes’ by Amenábar that Tom Cruise dreamed of

Every day, interesting movies are broadcast on the different television channels that go unnoticed due to the great offer that currently exists on streaming platforms. However, on linear television there are also good options to watch with which to have a good time at home, especially at night, when the general channels usually launch their best bets.

It is the case of Vanilla Skythe American remake of Open your eyes, one of Alejandro Amenábar’s greatest hits, which the Paramount channel broadcasts this Wednesday at 10:25 p.m. A 2001 drama directed by Cameron Crowe and starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Tom Cruise in 'Vanilla Sky'

Tom Cruise in ‘Vanilla Sky’

Third parties


A love triangle that gets complicated

Vanilla Sky follows David Aames, played by Tom Cruise, a handsome owner of a major New York advertising firm, who doesn’t have his life complete. One night he meets Sofía Serrano (Penélope Cruz) and falls in love with her instantly. However, when her lover Julie (Cameron Diaz) finds out about her, unhinged by her jealousy, she throws her car off a bridge: she dies and David’s face is completely disfigured.

Several months later, no doctor has managed to reconstruct his face. However, when the surgeons find the solution, she Sofia loves him again. Unexpectedly, believing to be with Sofía, Julie appears next to her. Disturbed by the situation, he is not sure if he has lost his mind or if she is the victim of a conspiracy.

Tom Cruise in 'Vanilla Sky'

Tom Cruise in ‘Vanilla Sky’

Third parties


The film was shot before 9/11 and the Twin Towers appear as a tribute

The scene with Tom Cruise alone in Times Square is not done on a computer. The production received unprecedented permission to close Times Square for one Sunday. At the time, the news ticker was offering up-to-date information on the George W. Bush-Al Gore election.

Additionally, studio executives wanted Cameron Crowe to use special effects to remove shots of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. However, Crowe did not remove them and they appear in several shots of New York City. .

Amenábar’s opinion on the ‘remake’

Director of Open your eyes (1997), Alejandro Amenábar, said of the Cameron Crowe version of his film “When I found out, quite some time ago, that Cameron Crowe was going to write and direct the film based on Open your eyes with Tom Cruise in the title role, I was honored. Now that I have seen Vanilla Sky, couldn’t be more proud. Cameron has all my respect and admiration. Respect, for having probed the deeper meaning of the work. Admiration, for having searched for new points of view and a new approach to staging, giving the film its own unmistakable touch.”

Also, at the time, he believed that “Vanilla Sky it is as faithful to the original spirit as it is irreverent with its form, and that makes it a brave and innovative work. I think I can say that, for me, the projects are like two very special brothers. They have the same concerns, but their personalities are very different. In other words, they sing the same song but with very different voices: one likes the opera and the other the Rock And Roll“.

Tom Cruise in 'Vanilla Sky'

Tom Cruise in ‘Vanilla Sky’

Third parties

Penelope Cruz’s double

Penelope Cruz also starred Open your eyes (1997), of which this film is a remake. In the original film she played the same character, Sofia.

In addition, the cast includes Kurt Russell, Cameron Diaz, Jason Lee, Noah Taylor, Ken Leung, Tilda Swinton, Michael Shannon, Johnny Galecki, Timothy Spall, Alicia Witt, and Laura Fraser, among others.

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