US ruling against abortion, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wants to renounce American citizenship

The frontman of the Californian punk rock band said on the stage of the London concert that he no longer intends to be a US citizen. After the Supreme Court abolished the right to abortion, the singer tells Londoners: “I’m coming here”

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong told fans at a concert in London that he no longer wants to be a U.S. citizen after the Supreme Court overturns the sentence. Roe vs Wadeabolishing the right to abortion after almost half a century.

The musician told the London audience that he will renounce his US citizenship due to his disgust at the decision of the judges, whom he widely insulted during the performance of the Califiornian band.

In a speech full of profanity, spiced with insults and bitterness, Armstrong expressed his extreme disapproval of what happened in the US. He did it on the stage of the London Stadium during the live last Friday, June 24th.

The words of Billie Joe Armstrong


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“I’m… giving up my citizenship. I’m on my way here, “she told fans, who burst into a roar of cheers and cheers.

The full speech, stuffed with bad words (which we censor) is the following: “Fan ** o America, I will give up my citizenship. I’ll come here, f ** k. There is too much shit in the world to go back to that miserable excuse of a country. Oh, I’m not kidding. You will be hearing a lot about me in the next few days, ”said the leader of Green Day on stage in London.

And before making the hit American Idiothe shouted “Fan *** to the Supreme Court of America” ​​and called the conservative judges of “whores”.

Will Armstrong become a British citizen?


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For now it is not known whether his was an exit moved by the enthusiasm of the moment (enthusiasm that still comes from the desperation of living in a country that is proving so retrograde) or if the singer really began to think about bureaucratic process to go through to obtain English citizenship. For now we can focus only on the statements made by the artist on stage, who does not speak of practices already open but in any case has been quite exposed. In rock – as well as punk – it’s his word that really matters. So, who knows: a new punk rocker could become a subject of the Queen. Even if Elisabetta already with her “hers of hers” Sex Pistols of “God Save the Queen” it is not like she was going to get married…

Certainly Armstrong could not refer to Europe with that “here” of the words “I am coming here”, since he pronounced them in a country that is no longer Europe. So we’ll see if Armstrong finds himself sipping tea at 5 pm, just to speak in stereotypes. In short, sex, tea and punk ‘n’ roll … Although there is an irony about the possible English citizenship that Armstrong would like to take, one cannot instead make any kind of irony about the reasons for that choice: the sentence of the American Supreme Court it was a cold shower not only for Americans but for the whole world. Also because the butterfly-effect is always the pitfall around the corner, ready to turn things upside down and make tragic changes at any latitude, with devastating consequences.

The Green Day tour


I-Days 2022, Green Day and Weezer arrive in Milan: the program

Green Day are on tour with the band of compatriots, the Californian Weezer led by Rivers Cuomo. “Oh, I’m not kidding, you’ll have a lot of me in the next few days,” promised Billie Joe Armstrong.

They arrived in the United Kingdom after the two recent Italian stops, in Milan for the I-Days and in Florence for Firenze Rocks. In the UK, in addition to Weezer, there are also Fall Out Boy to open the concerts.

Armstrong’s political positions


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Armstrong – a 50-year-old American native and resident of California – had previously spoken of his political views, including positions against former President Donald Trump, whom he went on strike against for refusing to admit the 2020 election.

The “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” singer had then joined a long list of celebrities who said they would leave the country due to political differences. Whoopi Goldberg and Miley Cyrus both pledged to leave if Trump was elected, but they didn’t follow through on what they said. Barbra Streisand said she wanted to go to Canada, but she also stayed in America, as reporter Samantha Chery of the Washington Post. Let’s see if this time the release of Billie Joe Armstrong will have practical implications or if it is just a stance on paper. However, there remains a very strong message for an American to declare that they want to renounce their citizenship. Furthermore, doing it on English territory is even more of a wound in the stars and stripes pride, so the words of the Green Day singer will remain in history anyway. Music and human rights.

The anti-abortion sentence


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The US Supreme Court ruling overturning the fundamental right to abortion, established in the United States nearly 50 years ago (49 to be exact) sparked protests across America this past weekend.

Many musicians against the sentence

Armstrong is certainly not the only voice shouting bewildered and shattered notes, on the contrary: he joins a polyphonic chorus of colleagues.

He is not the only musician to speak out against the sentence. At the Glastonbury Festival (held last weekend in South West England) US singer-songwriter and guitarist Phoebe Bridgers led the crowd in an anti-Supreme Court chant. Billie Eilish dedicated her song “Your Power” to those affected by the sentence, after talking about “a really dark day for women”.

“I am devastated and terrified. So many women and so many girls will die from this, “said singer Olivia Rodrigo.

The latter was joined on stage by the British singer Lily Allen: they performed together singing Allen’s song “F — You”, dedicating it to the judges who ruled in favor of overturning Roe vs Wade.

Taylor Swift reacted by saying that she is “absolutely terrified.” Jack White said that a “clown” like Donald Trump has been able to select Supreme Court judges “completely disinterested and unaffected by what the real majority wants and needs.”

Kendrick Lamar concluded his live performance with the song “Godspeed” for women’s rights.

Roe vs Wade and access to abortion in America


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The US Supreme Court rejected Roe v. Wade, the ruling that for nearly 50 years has protected the right to abortion in the United States. The legality of abortion will be left to individual states. This will likely mean that 52% of women of childbearing age will face new abortion limits, he explained Washington Post.

Thirteen states with “trigger bans” will ban abortion within 30 days. Several other states where recent anti-abortion legislation has been blocked by the courts should act later.

As Republican-led states move to limit abortion, the Washington Post says it is monitoring legislation across the country on 15-week bans, “Texan-style bans” it defines, activation laws and abortion pill bans. There are also Democrat-dominated states that are shifting towards protecting abortion rights enshrined in Roe v. Wade.

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