Travis Barker hospitalized, wife Kourtney Kardashian at his side in ambulance

Travis Barker was transported to the hospital on Tuesday, June 28. According to TMZ, Kourtney Kardashian accompanied her husband, Blink-182 drummer, all the way in an ambulance. The causes of the hospitalization are unknown for the moment.

Travis Barkerdrummer of Blink-182 and husband from Kourtney Kardashianwas transported to hospital. The news was reported by the American site TMZ. The causes of the hospitalization are unknown for the moment.

Ambulance transport with his wife Kourtney Kardashian

According to the American website, on Tuesday 28 June Travis Barker was admitted to the West Hills hospital and then transported to another facility, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. At his side en route in ambulance there was wife Kourteny Kardashian, who never left him alone, not even when he was lying on the stretcher. The couple got married about a month ago, on May 23, with a ceremony in Italy, in the romantic setting of Portofino, which was attended by several Italian stars.

Travis Barker’s message on social media before admission

The causes of hospitalization are currently unknown. However, according to what Barker and his daughter Alabama wrote on Twitter, it seems that it could be something serious. “God save me”, wrote Kourtney Kardashian’s husband on the evening of June 28, shortly before being transported by ambulance. The 16-year-old instead asked for prayers for her father.

Kourtney Kardashian dips Ligurian focaccia in cappuccino

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