Thor 4: Natalie Portman wants to join forces with Captain Marvel

Natalie Portman wants to team up with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. the actress of Leon: The Professionalwho returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after years of absence in the award-winning and long-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder -which has conquered the critics-, affirms that he would love to share the screen in a crossover with Captain Marvel. Larson, future star of Fast Xlead the marvels next year. Will Marvel be encouraged to say yes? (goes Variety).

Natalie Portman wants her Thor to join Captain Marvel

“I love Captain Marvel” Portman has said in the premiere of Thor: Love and Thundera film of an unusual scale for Marvel and its Phase 4. “Brie Larson is a dear friend, so I think it would be fun. That would be great.”, go on. However, Jane Foster, her character, has experienced a upgrade after wielding the Mjlnir and transform into Mighty Thor. “I feel very lucky and grateful that this has become part of Jane’s story arc,” the actress continues.

Thor Love and Thunder

It’s amazing that all boys have a variety of women they can identify with.

“I believe that It’s amazing that all boys have a variety of women they can identify with, and not just one or two. I feel like I grew up alone with wonder-womanor maybe cat woman. There was a type of these characters in movies or comics, so now having this wide variety of personalities, different looks, different powers, allows everyone to imagine their potential, “adds the interpreter. In fact, Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios, has explained that we will soon see more variants of Thorand that some will be quite crazy.

Meanwhile, we remind you that the marvels will premiere on July 23 with Brie Larson leading a new set of heroines. Who knows if her galactic adventures will end up intersecting with those of Mighty Thor or Jane Foster. Thor: Love and Thunder It will be released next July 8 in theaters around the world.

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