This Star Plus docuseries brought together the best comedians

Undoubtedly, something that we have enjoyed as Mexicans is comedy, which for generations evolved to become more liberal, thanks to the so-called ‘standuperos’, who with their expertise in the subject have made us laugh a lot.

If you are a fan of this genre, Star Plus has long offered us a wide variety of content, movies like Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr; Mike and Dave: Finding them girlfriends, in which Zac Efron made us laugh either Borat, in the role of Sacha Baron Cohen, are some of the titles that the platform offers.

But, this time we want to recommend something new and different, a way of seeing comedy like no one has ever shown it to usit is about What you did not know about Mexican humor, produced by National Geographic and made by non-stop Y Middle Nippur. For 6 episodes, the marketer and standuper, Alex Fernández, has shown us what makes Mexicans laugh so much.

The comedy docuseries brought together comedians like Eugenio Derbezwho we recently saw perform in El Valet, also available on Star Plus; Consuelo DuvalAdal Ramones, Sofía Niño de Rivera, Ricardo O’ Farril, Chumel Torres, Omar Chaparro, among others.

These comedians made us understand what it was for and humor was createdbut they also revealed to us how they make Mexicans laugh, debated the transgressive nature of gambling, at the same time that they analyzed the key moments of the political comedy in Mexico, as well as in society.


This group of comedy experts also share some unpublished and curious anecdotes about their work and how they have managed to remain at the top of the genre in our country, as well as the impact that this genre has caused in the so-called social networks, to finally know what we will laugh about in the future. Definitely one of the best humor series in Star Plusthat you can not stop seeing.

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