This 3-hour Netflix movie that shows the best kept secret of museums and has an incredible ending

the action movie Red alert (Red Notice, in English) became an immediate success as soon as Netflix premiered it, in September of last year. The film, which lasts more than 3 hours and stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot It broke all the records of the platform based on a history of policemen, thieves and museums with unique pieces in history.

Red alert shows how an FBI agent John Hartley, played by The Rock, has to team up with the famous thief Nolan Booth (Reynolds) to try to catch the most wanted thief of the present: Sara Black (Gadot). The object of the desire of this theft professional is three golden eggs that Marco Antonio gave to the pharaoh Cleopatra. One of the pieces is guarded no less than in the Castel Sant’Angelo of the Vatican.

After many turns, falsifications, mistakes and appearances that are not such, the plot moves to Spain, Italy, Russia, Egypt, France and even Argentina.

Red alert was the most expensive movie on Netflix with a budget of $200 million, and it is that thanks to this large sum of money the production was able to summon three great stars of the moment in Hollywood. The service itself streaming has advertised it as the most expensive original film in its entire history.

Rumors of a second part have already begun to run. The open ending seems to indicate that the producers want it that way. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

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