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In 1994, Johnny Depp starred in the biographical comedy ‘Ed Wood’, directed by Tim Burton. If you feel like doing a Depp movie marathon, don’t forget to add this movie to your list.

Johnny Depp played Ed Wood in the biographical film named after the 1950s filmmaker. It was directed by Tim Burton in 1994 and it is based on the book Nightmare of Ecstasy, written by Rudolf Grey. If in this cold weather you feel like staying in bed and watching movies, Ed Woodavailable in Star Plusis a great option.

Starring Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette Y Bill Murray, Ed Wood was shot in black and white, since they associated the actor Bela Lugosi with the tapes he made in that format and Burton wanted that to continue in the same way.

The tape, which you can find in the catalog of Star Plusrecounts the life of director Ed Wood in the years in which he began to make his first films: Glen or Glenda, the monster’s girlfriend and its most successful premiere, Plan 9 from outer space. The eccentric filmmaker refuses to let shoddy scenes and horrible reviews end his hopes of making it in the movie business. With the help of a group of characters (including Count Dracula, played by Landau), Wood manages to fulfill his greatest dream..

The film won an Oscar for Best Makeup.

Béla Lugosi starred in classic horror movies like Frankenstein and the werewolf Y the black catand also several Wood films. Landau (Mission: Impossible) won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Ed Wood.

Unlike most Tim Burton movies, Ed Wood It was not scored by Danny Elfman —who has also made the soundtrack for Sam Raimi films, such as the Spider-Man trilogy—, but by Howard Shore, composer of the music for The Lord of the Rings..

Ed Wood is scored by Howard Shore, in charge of the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings.

In the catalog of Star Plus You can also find other titles in which Johnny Depp participated, such as From hell Y walk the line. and if you see Ed Wood the love for classic horror cinema spreads to you, the streaming platform has in its catalog witchcraftRocky’s Horror Show and Damien: The Prophecy II.

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