The Roe vs. Wade will arrive in Spain in September: a tremendously topical issue

On June 24, the United States Supreme Court reversed the well-known judgment Roe v. Wade thanks to which abortion became a protected right in the Constitution, and which in practice legalized abortion throughout the country. Said sentence occurred in 1973 and there were numerous dark points in this case, to the point that everything was based on a lie.

That’s how he recognized it Roe herself (whose real name was Norma McCorvey). She was never raped, as reported. But the pro-abortion activists needed a borderline, emotional caseā€¦and a woman allegedly raped was perfect for their plan. The lawyers themselves recognized years later that they had lied, but that she had been worth it to get abortion expanded. Meanwhile, Norma would eventually become a pro-life activist and be baptized as a Catholic.

Much has been written these years about Roe vs. Wade, and now not least thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that annuls it. But about this important event and for which more than 60 million abortions have been carried out in the United States, a film has been made that It will hit Spanish cinemas on September 23.

European Dreams Factory has already presented the poster and trailer for The Silent Scream. The Roe v. Wade casewhich will be released in theaters on September 23, once the summer is over.

Based on real events, The silent scream. The case Roe v. Wade reveals the ins and outs of a historic decision: the ruling issued in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States, which defined abortion as a right implicitly protected in the Constitution, a ruling that was revoked on June 24. A highly topical film that also traces the life trajectory of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, from his radical position on abortion to his conversion.

To tell this relevant story, the production has two visible faces of Hollywood who have faced the dictatorship of political correctness in the industry. Its about veteran actor Jon Voight, Oscar winner and father of Angelina Jolie, and producer/actor Nick Loeb, ex-husband of Sofia Vergara. Another visible face is that of Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King and pro-life activist.

This is the untold story of how [los activistas del aborto] they lied and manipulated Jane Roethe media and the courts to make the decision to allow abortion in 1973,” Loeb said.

Poster of

The movie makes a tracking key figures in this matter during the 1970s, including former abortionists Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Betty Friedan on the pro-choice side and Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, on the pro-life side.

“Bernard and Betty, along with the Planned Parenthood team, they search the country for a pregnant girl they can use to sue the government for her right to abort”, they explained when presenting the film in the US in 2018.

That is how find the “perfect pawn” in Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe in the case of Roe vs. Wade. McCorvey later converted to Catholicism and became a pro-life activist and fought to overturn the ruling that bears her name. She and others testified that she was manipulated and used by abortion activists to further their deadly agenda.

The film examines lies and manipulative tactics from abortion activists, from people like McCorvey and Nathanson, who later changed their minds, and prominent defenders of life like Jefferson, who fought valiantly to defend the right to life of babies in the womb.

the movie too addresses racism intertwined in the abortion industry through the founder of Planned Parenthood, the racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, and Jefferson’s fight for unborn babies and people of color.

“This movie is the untold true story of how mountains of lies led to an injustice that has deprived millions of human dignity and human rights,” King said in a promotional video for the film.

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