The reason why Sylvester Stallone “killed” Apollo Creed

For fans of the franchise Rocky Balboa There are some milestones throughout the saga that were burned into memory. the embrace of Rocky with Adrianne at the end of the first film, the fall of the two boxers in the dramatic fight of the second installment, all the training sessions, the tiger’s eye and the fierceness of Mr T in the third chapter, and already in the quarter Rocky there is a scene that moved everyone: the death of apollo creed at the hands of Ivan Drago. But although in recent years Sylvester Stallone declared to have regretted that fatal outcome, there was a reason based on the narrative sequence for it to happen.

The sequence is one of the best achieved. The likelihood of the beating he receives apollo creed It is a very high point of fiction. The body movements that follow each punch show the enormous work of the two actors, Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren, who lead the audience to experience the true martyrdom they are suffering. Apollo above the ring. The final shot is moving with the final fall of apollo creed after a well-aimed punch to the temple at the same time that the towel he had taken Rocky to stop the fight he also falls to the ground, but outside the ring. But what idea justified the death of apollo creed?


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