the “Barbie” style from the movie with Margot Robbie to celebs

It will arrive at the cinema in 2023 but on the catwalks, and for celebrities, it is the trend of the summer. Get ready, aesthetics Barbiecore She is back!

The movie he sees Margot Robbie in the role of the most famous blonde there is she will arrive at the cinema only in 2023, but already on social networks and on the catwalks there is nothing else to talk about. Then her color, that unmistakable one pink-fuchsia full and vibrant, it is everywhere. Let’s talk about the Barbie stylenow renamed Barbiecore aesthetica set of playful and hyper feminine references, at times trashy, which wink at the world of the Mattel doll, a constant presence in the playground of the little ones from 1959 to today.

Curious references if you think that the former doll arrived on the market well 63 years ago, she had absolutely nothing pink. Not even that box that would later become iconic, just black and white striped swimsuit and a pair of white sunglasses. From taking inspiration from reality and from the reference era, Barbie ended up redesigning herself and a very precise aesthetic, fully captured (in an extremely faithful way to judge the images that follow) in the film that Greta Gerwig is finalizing and of which we get some small spoilers every day, through the paparazzi from the set.


The typical aesthetics of Barbie, her blonde hair, the blaze of pink, is something that has been coming and going for decades. Those who have an active memory of the advent of the 2000s will certainly remember, well before vibes in style Barbie Glitter Hair from Katy Perrythe catchphrase Barbie Girl of the AquaDanish band that has the responsibility of having irreversibly carved in the minds of many of us phrases like “c’mon Barbie let’s go party” or “life in plastic is fantastic”.

It was 1997 and those who know what we are talking about will think they ran into some space-time malfunction and went back to that period made up of plasticky jewels, hair clips, low-waisted jeans and fluo décolleté just to name some of the must-haves of the era. And instead the fantastic life in plasticdespite today’s struggles, it seems to be definitely back in fashion.

The latest collection certainly contributed to kicking off the new trend Valentino, the Fall-Winter 2022 that Pierpaolo Piccioli thought, almost entirely, in pink. An energetic and saturated pink, registered as a Pantone shade under the name of Pink PPwhich brings to mind not only the box in which it is contained, but also the entire universe of Barbie, at least from a chromatic point of view, not a stylistic one.
All the other big and small fashion names follow suit: from Dior to Jacquemuspassing through Moschinowhich already in 2015 had given us a collection or rather, a real tribute to Barbie.



Today, celebrities and influencers of every derivation, style, degree of popularity wear the trend: from the minidress to the red carpet dress, from the paparazzi street style with a high level of glamor, in recent weeks we have seen all the types.

Penelope Cruz sported a soft long Chanel with matching trunk-trunk, an unusual color for her and, at the same event, echoed it Jayme Lawsonwith a pink version of Madame Coco’s famous tweed.


Credits: Getty Images

Pink, but PP, that of Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino we were talking about at the beginning, however Maya Rudolph And Vanessa Hudgens. Long and sculptural with applied flowers the first, very short and with puffed sleeves the second. For both a pair of wedges that Barbie would gladly wear.

Maya-Rudolph – and-vanessa-hudgens

Credits: Getty Images

Also in pink Wizkidguest of the recent fashion show Dior Homme in Paris, and the couple Machine Gun Kelly / Megan Foxwith matching hair.


Credits: Getty Images

More pop elements, such as prints, gloves and sunglasses that immediately make you think of that “California girl” style repeatedly interpreted by Barbie in her 62 years of life. Bella Hadid with a printed midi dress, Giorgia Soleri in Moschino And Miss Fame they embody its essence perfectly.


Credits: Getty Images

Even more Californian but with a lot more flair posh (perhaps too much), are the protagonists of the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, Emma Hernan And Christin Quinnwhich from Barbie not only take the garments in the wardrobe but also the inspiration for the hairstyle. A very Barbie thing also for Paula Pattonon the red carpet of the BET Awards.


Credits: Getty Images

If this riot of fuchsia, feathers, wedges and pop accessories made you want to follow the trend, discover these 10 pieces in full Barbiecore style that we have chosen for you.

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