Tec School of Medicine is in the Top 5 of the National Examination of Candidates for Medical Residencies

The Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, Guadalajara and CDMX were positioned within the first five places of the general average of medical knowledge, according to the results of the National Examination of Applicants to Medical Residencies (ENARM) 2021.

Top 5

The ENARM is an annual evaluation directed and regulated by the Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) for students who wish to obtain a place within the various specialty vacancies in Mexico.

Based on the ENARM figures, for the 2021 edition, 47,724 applicants, nationwide, took the exam, of which 18,596 were selected.

In the case of Tec de Monterrey students, the percentage of doctors accepted in the three EMCS locations is: Guadalajara and Mexico City with 82% and Monterrey with 62% to perform their specialty in Mexican places.

A good educational model

According to Jorge E. Valdez García, dean of the EMCS “these results were obtained by the educational model, the accompaniment of the students throughout their career, as well as the evaluation models that take care of the quality of the education throughout the educational process. education”.

Gabriela Vázquez, dean of the Western Region of the EMCS commented that “it is a highly competitive test, therefore, the relevance of the program of each academic institution. In this case, at the national level, the medical schools of the Tec de Monterrey stand out, since there is not so much difference in the medical knowledge score. This speaks of the strength of the Institution in how it accompanies students during clinical cycles and how the experience of national and international exchange enhances academic quality”, she assured.

For Guillermo Domínguez, dean of the EMCS Mexico City Campus, “this evaluation reflects that graduates leave with sufficient preparation to be able to aspire to a postgraduate degree. Campus education is standardized, with training programs given to teachers, which is reflected in the good results of this evaluation”.

Manuel Pérez, dean of the Monterrey Region of the EMCS highlighted: “we have maintained a high level of selection for the exam with the students, positioning ourselves in the first places of the ENARM, without a doubt their talent can lead them to be successful and achieve great goals. ”.

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