Sylvester Stallone: ​​the sad end of Rocky Balboa that never saw the light

the saga of Rocky Balboa It is one of the most acclaimed in the entire history of Hollywood cinema. Even the first film of the Philadephia boxer forever put Sylvester Stallone in the firmament of the stars of the seventh art. These iconic discoveries and achievements of the big screen usually have or hide different episodes in their elaboration that did not transcend the general public. Some do not go beyond the category of anecdotes, but others could well have given it another direction that would have changed the subsequent consideration of the film.

What are we talking about? In this case, from the end of the first installment of Rocky Balboa, the 1976 film that introduced the Italian Stallion to society. In that memorable epilogue, Rocky he loses on points against Apollo Creed, but for the press he remains as the moral winner of the fight, after having endured a harsh punishment from the world champion and having knocked him down with an accurate left foot in the first rounds of the fight.


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