Spotify creates its own space in the virtual universe of Roblox

Spotify has opened up a new territory in which to cultivate relationships with his fans and with artists: it is about Spotify Islanda virtual space in Roblox where you can interact with other participants, explore new sounds and access merchandising.

Spotify is the first streaming music service to come to Roblox

“Spotify is the first streaming music service”, the company says, “which has a presence in Roblox, a virtual universe in which users can create games, participate in them and share experiences with friends.”
The company adds that on Spotify Island, fans of the platform will be able to collaborate on the creating new soundsinteract with each other in digital spaces and get exclusive virtual merchandising items. “Spotify Island is an oasis that has it all,” states in his statement.

Visitors to the Spotify space on Roblox will also have the opportunity to interact with artists, conduct interactive searches and release exclusive content.
In addition, the interpreters will be able to enjoy a “immersive audio experience” creating music and exploring sounds in beat-making studios equipped with tool technology sound trap. Users will even be able to gain positions in the charts by accumulating points.

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Apart from the main space, Spotify Island will have themed environments that will be opened throughout the year, according to the company. These spaces will make available to users exclusive content and the possibility of interacting with artists and carrying out themed searches. The first of these thematic spaces is called K-Park and is conceived as a tribute to the genre of K-Pop.

The Spotify space in Roblox will also give artists the opportunity to create virtual merchandising in collaboration with the company and generate income through this promotional channel.

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