She does not remember the last 23 years of her life and believes that her husband is a kidnapper

As in the film by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrimore, Chloe Barnard suffers from amnesia and does not remember the events of each day. So when she wakes up she doesn’t remember anything: she doesn’t know where she is, and she doesn’t recognize her husband.

At the age of 29, she has episodes where everything that has happened since she was six years old is erased from her mind, so she often thinks she is still a girl. Although she has studied her, she does not find a solution to her problem, assuming that she was generated after a stroke.

Her partner, James, 39, must contain her and explain what is happening to her, although sometimes it gets complicated. The first time she noticed that she had lost her memory, she was very traumatic for both of them.

They had been to a pub together and suddenly she didn’t recognize him. Even when she sat in the car he couldn’t remember how to drive. James had to get out of the car and she called her mother, who explained what was wrong. “My mother explained to me that he was my partner. He came looking for me, I was worried he had another stroke,” she recounted.

From then on, his life is a nightmare: from time to time it happens that he doesn’t know everything and they have to tell him who he is, what he does and how old he is, because he doesn’t remember anything. “I can be any age again. I am six years old again. That was horrible,” she assures.

On that occasion, she went to sleep after arguing with James and when she woke up, at midnight, she was dizzy and disoriented. “My boyfriend was on the couch with the dog that I didn’t know was mine. I sat on the steps and asked ‘who are you and who is the dog? I love my mommy and my daddy,’” she relates.

His reaction at the time was violent, because he was so scared: “I tried to call the police, but he took my phone. I didn’t want him to touch me,” he detailed.

He even thought about defending himself if he got too close: “I grabbed a wrench so he knew I could hurt him if I needed to. He asked me what I was going to do and I told him that if he came near me, he would hit him.”

Unlike the character in the movie, who wakes up every morning not knowing who she is, Chloe has these kinds of episodes where she doesn’t remember anything every two months or so. It usually happens after a moment of great stress.

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