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“Yes Kate Winslet I had lost a few kilos, the Titanic would not have sunk”, was the cruel jocular comment with which the presenter Joan Rivers dispatched the work of the actress in the blockbuster of james cameron that made her a star. Almost 25 years later, becoming the protagonist of the magnificent series ‘Mare of Easttown’, in which she plays a detective marked by a trauma that leads her to worry more about the good of others than looking neat, the British actress has starred in several disagreements with the director and with HBO itself: Kate twice demanded that they not modify the promotional poster for the series, in which they had rejuvenated her with ‘photoshop’: «I know how many wrinkles I have around my eyes.

Leave them where they were.” He also did not consent to digitally edit a scene in which too much belly seemed to be appreciated. As she has confessed to ‘The New York Times’, the actress rebelled: “Don’t you dare,” she threatened the director. “The power of the character is that she is a flawed woman, I will not allow her aesthetic to overshadow her personality.”

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet- gtres

Kate is 45 years old, has three children, a size 38-40 and an unquestionable talent as an actress. The character of her is demanding in the construction of her, both inside and outside: his disheveled appearance in his day-to-day life and his almost compulsive way of drinking beer are part of that work: «His body and face are in tune with his age, with his life, with his origins». But Mare is not a woman who has abandoned herself. In fact, the actress admitted to ‘People’ magazine that she prepared herself physically: “I had to get in shape not so much to show off a ‘fit’ body but because I run a lot, I fight a lot.” In addition, she trained and practiced wrestling: “Because I also have to stop big men and throw them to the ground.”

Kate Winslet has also confessed to ‘The Guardian’ that she had a very bad time when she was 20 years old: «People talked a lot about my weight. And they asked me a lot about my physique. So they considered me too sharp and direct a person. And no, I was just defending myself.” Those chronicles in which his physique seemed the only thing that interested journalists were painful: “So critical, so cruel… They commented on my size, calculated my weight, published the supposed diets that I followed. It was horrible and so unpleasant to read! All this ended up undermining my self-confidence. I didn’t want to go to Hollywood because he told me ‘If this is what they say about me in England, what won’t they say there?’ All of this ends up distorting your own vision of beauty. I felt very alone for the simple reason that there is nothing that can prepare you for that. With these words, the actress has acknowledged that she felt a victim of media bullying after the premiere of ‘Titanic.’ Kate Winslet has an Oscar, four Golden Globes, three BAFTAs, an Emmy and even a Grammy for audiobook narration.

After this controversy Shannen Doherty (the mythical Brenda from ‘Sensation of living’) has come out in support of her partner from her Instagram account, where she has published a ‘natural’ photo: «Watching movies at home I have realized that there are many female characters with the ones I can identify. You know, women without fillers, without Botox, without a facelift. They are women who love their face because it is the result of all their experience. I’ve lived. I love what I have experienced. I’ve survived cancer much longer than that.”

The actress has sent a message to the film and television industry: «Let’s put an end to the image that magazines and Hollywood want us to give to others. I want to see women like me, women like us.”

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