Shakira’s desperate attempt asked Piqué to do couples therapy: cold response

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Often when a love ends, there is someone who suffers more than the other: the story of Shakira and Piqué is no different from what happens to many other people who live far from the spotlight.

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Spring / Summer 2023 fashion shows

Planetary stars, very rich in the pocket and full of glory, whether it’s Champions League or Grammy Award, Gerard Piqué And Shakira in affairs of the heart they are no different from the billions of people who populate our planet. We know each other, we fall in love, then it can happen to break up, after starting a family and having been together for several years. “It happens to everyone“, the Colombian singer had said some time before the official announcement of the separation, answering a question about the meaning of her song ‘Te felicito’, a song in which she complimented a false and traitor former partner.

At the time no one had noticed as the couple still seemed solid, but both the song and Shakira’s words in the interview – “you believe you are in a sincere relationship, but it is not as real as you thought“- they were nothing more than the description of what she was personally experiencing. When one love ends, there is often someone who suffers more than the other and in this case it is quite clear that the 45-year-old from Barranquilla was absolutely devastated. – as told by those close to her – while the testimonies about the nights “out of control“by Piqué in the clubs of Barcelona tell about different impulses.

Shakira with Piqué and their two children when theirs was a happy fairy tale

Shakira with Piqué and their two children when theirs was a happy fairy tale

And after all, it is precisely the discovery of the betrayal of the 35-year-old defender from Blaugrana with a young Catalan that has put Shakira in front of the evidence of an irrecoverable situation, at the end of months in which – since the beginning of this year – Piqué had always distanced himself. more, up to leaving the house where he lived with his partner and his two sons Milan and Sasha to return to live in his bachelor house. Yet the singer had tried and how, to put the pieces back together when she had already seen the first cracks in the 12-year history.

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Shakira plunged back into work: here in the promotion of her song 'Te felicito'

Shakira plunged back into work: here in the promotion of her song ‘Te felicito’

According to what was revealed by ‘Telecinco’, last January the 35-year-old Spanish footballer told Shakira that his feelings towards her had changed. The relationship would cool down after the couple’s Christmas trip to Orlando with their children. “She proposed couples therapy, but he refused because he didn’t want to fix anything, he didn’t want to continue with her“, it was revealed. From then on it was a slow slide towards an inevitable conclusion, although even in the following months the Colombian singer tried to save the relationship, while Piqué lived more and more single. Yep, it happens to everyone: Shakira he lived it on his skin.

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