“Red onion and garlic kisses”: Arturo Peniche recalled his heavy jokes with Thalía

Thalía and Arturo Peniche formed the romantic couple
Thalía and Arturo Peniche formed the romantic couple

Arthur Peniche was this Tuesday 28 visiting the forum of the program Gossipwhere he recounted passages of his career and promoted his unprecedented facet as a singer of popular songs.

In the broadcast, the Mexican actor talked about his work in soap operas, mostly Televisawhere he has been able to kiss actresses like Gaby Spanic, Victoria Ruffo, Laura Flores, Lety Calderón and Claudia Ramírez on the lips, as part of his performance throughout his 42-year career on television stages and forums.

“I have never allowed fiction to transgress reality… how do you think? If suddenly all the guys (cameramen) are here, and then there’s a kiss scene, over here (the pea), they tell you ‘turn to camera 1, to camera 2’you are not going to give the other head a chance to think, ”he said regarding fictional kisses.

Arturo Peniche (Photo: Instagram@arturopenicheof)
Arturo Peniche (Photo: Instagram@arturopenicheof)

Peniche also highlighted an anecdote that she lived with Thalía, with whom she starred in the 1992 telenovela Maria mercedes and who joins him a great friendship. He remembered it this way: “Thalía and I made a lot of jokes, we did a lot of bad things to each other… because it’s very funny (The kisses) were obviously from a soap opera, there was no tongue or that”, recalled the actor.

He is also an actor in other melodramas such as In the name of love Y Girl of my heart He reported that all his work on television has been respectful and professional; nevertheless With Thalía, they not only kissed acting, but also made jokes with each other during the recording of the successful soap opera that began the so-called “Trilogy of the Marías”.

“It was wicked. He did me the evil of eating a garlic to give me a kissand I did the evil thing to him by grabbing a red onion, chewing it, and kissing it, “he added, saying that it even seemed unpleasant to him, because he almost cried when he bit into it.

Arturo Peniche and Thalia in a scene "spicy" by Maria Mercedes
Arturo Peniche and Thalia in a “spicy” scene by María Mercedes

“Perhaps garlic is not so lazy, but with the onion I choked from the bite I gave it I said ‘what did I do it for?’, and when I’m going to kiss Thali she makes (grimaces) and I say ‘I love you’ and the other ‘Ahhhh’”, he recalled.

On the other hand, at the end of this month of May, the actor who has appeared in the public eye since his youth, recalled his first opportunity in an international film. And it is that the 60-year-old actor participated as a risk double in the second part of the classic saga Rambostarring Sylvester Stallone.

“Angel and Alejandro de la Peña, two stunt (double) wonderful, They invited me and I got in for a whilethen came opportunities as an actor, “he said on the interview program of the journalist Inés Moreno.

The father of the also actor Brando Peniche delved into the role he played in the production and gave unpublished details of his experience as a risk double.

“It was one of the scenes that is very famous for me: it is on a military-type barge and we are from the contras, so we go on the river and suddenly the river explodes. The two of us who flew, one is Alejandro and the other is me”, he indicated.

He also explained what it was like to collaborate with the successful American actor who also immortalized “Rocky Balboa”: “In that scene he did not have to be, but I had to see him work because we did not just do that, we did many other things”, he commented.

Arturo Peniche (Photo: Twitter@CarLon_2020)
Arturo Peniche (Photo: Twitter@CarLon_2020)

The brother of the also histriones, Alejandra and Flavio Peniche, emphasized that personalities of this caliber always bring a personal double: “[…] Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger when we did Conan. Mameys are fine, I said: ‘When am I going to be like this?’at least on that kind of body level,’” he stressed with a laugh.


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