Real Madrid already knows the price of Jude Bellingham

The planning of real Madrid It is going from strength to strength for the 2022-2023 academic year, although it is also beginning to glimpse options for next summer. The 14-time Champions League winner prioritizes being a good student, so he’s going to do his homework well in advance (as much as possible).

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That is why one of the proper names of today Meringue it is Jude Bellingham (age 19)who has already settled in the core of a great of the Bundesliga. A Borussia Dortmund who, unsurprisingly, is not about to lose his rising star at any cost.

The firm position of Borussia Dortmund

That’s the way it is, bild highlights that the German team has set a market value for its midfielder that shoots up to a whopping €120m. Considerable demands from the Germans regarding the price of their diamond in the rough, a Bellingham that is also a priority issue for the Liverpool.

Likewise, it cannot be ignored that the Chelsea He has recently joined the bid for the former Birmingham City player. As if that were not enough, the BVB jewel appears in the sights of two other giants of the premier league: Manchester City and Manchester United. In short, an incredible competition for Real Madrid for Jude Bellingham.

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