Rappi dazzles the client with a surprise gift; now you surprised me”

  • Digital Market Outlook forecasts that by 2025 digital consumers will represent more than half of the Mexican population.

  • Having a wide catalog of products to choose from, the AMVO shows that the food delivery service is essential today.

  • Zendesk mentions that 57 percent of customers think that customer service is essential to capture their loyalty.

has raised its name by providing one of its clients with a gift surprise and fulfilling its speed offer.

Digitization and technological adoption has caused that today more and more digital consumers appearwho have at their fingertips endless products and services that they can purchase from the comfort of their home “simply” through a simple request from a mobile device, which reaches almost anywhere they are.

According to the Digital Market Outlook study, carried out and disseminated by the Statista platform, the percentage of online shoppers over the total population in Mexico, during 2017 these came to represent “only” 29.7 percent, a figure that steadily climbed until reaching 2021 and registering 44.2 percent; Likewise, and taking into account their growth, it is expected that these will represent 57.6 percent by 2025, still demonstrating a strong business opportunity for those who like to approach this type of business.

Among this type of digital services, consumers have shown that they have their respective favorite products, since the online sales study published by AMVO in collaboration with Netquest and Netrica, shows that 72 percent of online shoppers in Mexico have ordered food delivery64 percent have bought fashion items, 55 percent electronics, and 51 percent toys, among other opportunities to explore.

Taking into account that food delivery is the main product requested among digital consumersthere are some brands that have managed to perform efficiently and gain consumer trust to position themselves strongly in the Mexican market through their respective marketing strategies, including Uber Eats, Didi Food, Rappi, etc.

To take its importance into account, it would be worth it when Rappi recorded an estimated 100 million completed orders since its launch in 2015; In contrast, Uber Eats registered in August 2020, only in Mexico City, more than 40 thousand weekly orders.

A consumer has been pleasantly grateful after living a positive experience with rappiparticularly with its Turbo Fresh service, since he only ordered some avocados and they arrived very quickly, in addition to the fact that the brand gave him a gift surprise that you did not expect, thus improving your shopping experience.

In this action we can find different successes on the part of the brand, such as complying with the value proposition of this service that seeks to deliver products in less than 10 minutes, delivering quality products and, in addition, a “detail” for part of the brand that the consumer did not request, resulting in a good shopping experience.

There are different ways in which brands can influence the loyalty of their consumers, one of them “gifting” products, since this directly influences their shopping experience and engagement with the brand.

To take into account how much difference these types of initiatives could make in favor of providing the best service to consumers, it would be worth taking into account the Zendesk trends report, where it shows that 57 percent of consumers think that customer service is one of the main attributes that are taken into account when depositing their loyalty towards a brandso giving this type of “small” details, beyond assuming an unnecessary expense, is an investment that will generate a better profit in the long term.

But not only Rappi, another of the brands that are working the most on this type of strategy is Cornershop, which even chooses from time to time to send its customers some orders that they never orderedas it was at the time when he gave away some alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, beers and even his snack, thus improving the perception of his brand by ensuring a good customer experience.

Giving “gifts” to customers does not imply an “unnecessary” or extra expense, but rather an investment to capture their trust and thus ensure their income on a constant basis.

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