Rai Cinema and TV Series Schedules 2022-2023

During the official presentation of the Rai 2022-2023 Schedules, the offer regarding the direction was also presented Cinema and TV Series (which obviously does not concern the Italian series and fictions produced by Rai Fiction).

Among the main innovations announced by the director Francesco Di Pacewe find the second season of Morgane – Brilliant Detectivefresh from the good success of the first season aired in the autumn of last year.

Furthermore, part of the programming for next autumn will be in character sportyconsidering that in December, the championships will take place world cup football (which Italy will not take part in).

Find below all the newsfrom Rai 1 to Rai 4.

Rai schedules: Cinema and TV series on Rai 1

Starting from 4 October 2022every Tuesday in prime time, as already mentioned, the second season of Morgane – Brilliant Detective. The first season, for the record, achieved an average of 18% share.

TO Novemberprecisely the 1stL’8 and the 9again on Tuesday in prime time, the miniseries will air Sophie Crossthe story of a lawyer who will search for her son who has disappeared into thin air.

As for the films, with the approach of the world championships, Rai 1 will propose the cycle Lives of Champions, Big Challenges, Big Businesseswith the documentary My name is Francesco Totti and with first-run sports-themed films such as The Keeperwhich tells the true story of Bert Trautman, Manchester City goalkeeper, and the Italian film The sampleby Leonardo D’Agostini, with Stefano Accorsi.

Other first tv movies will be Dinner with murder – Knives outwith Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Colette and Chris Evans, e Divorce in Las Vegaswith Giampaolo Morelli, Andrea Delogu, Ricky Menphis and Gianmarco Tognazzi.

Rai schedules: Cinema and TV series on Rai 2

On Rai 2, from Saturday 1st October 2022in prime time, the fifth season of SWAT.

Over the course of the next television season, they will also air Everyone liesSpanish miniseries about the story of a teacher whose life is turned upside down when an explicit video, which portrays her together with one of her students, is made public, and The Island of 30 Barea French miniseries based on the famous novel of the same name by Maurice Leblanc.

As for the films, in the fall, the evening dedicated to the cinema will be the Wednesday. Among the Italian films, we will find Love at homewith Miriam Leone and Simone Liberati, We remain friendswith Michele Riondino, and The incredible story of the Isle of Roseswith Elio Germano and Matilda de Angelis.

Among the first-run international titles, they will air Charlie’s Angelswith Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Stewart, Jumanji – The Next Levelwith Dwayne Johnson, and Bad Boys for Lifewith Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Rai schedules: Cinema and TV series on Rai 3

From 26 August, every Friday evening on Rai 3, the cycle will be broadcast Rai 3 for Venice – Italians on displaywith movies Laces by Daniele Luchetti, with Alba Rohrwacher, Luigi Lo Cascio, Silvio Orlando, Laura Morante, and The predatorsby and with Pietro Castellitto.

The proposals dedicated to Italian cinema they will continue to leave from 30 Septemberalways every Friday in prime time, with a cycle of films dedicated to our cinema.

Thursday, on the other hand, will be the day of international cinema with films An intimate conviction And Official Secrets – State secrets and with the English miniseries Flesh and Bloodproposed in two evenings.

Rai schedules: Cinema and TV series on Rai 4

On Rai 4, the first season of Faster Than Fearthe second season of Resident Alienthe second season of Pagan Peak and movies Thou shalt not kill – No matarás, Hinterland And Semper Fi – Brothers in arms.

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