Premieres Prime Video July 2022 (series): This month a new ‘Stranger Things’, a successful anime and a pure action with Chris Pratt – Series news

‘Angel Grandson. The man who defeated time’ and ‘El sapo’, also stand out in the series premieres of these next 31 days.

Prime Video It has already launched the next series and movies that it plans to release during the month of July, the month of summer par excellence and that of many people’s vacations. And what better way to get hooked on a series or watch that movie you had pending during that free time. and the platform streaming you have several options.

Premieres Prime Video July 2022 (movies): This month a nostalgic return of horror, a documentary of the greatest influencer in Spain and the most dog side of Channing Tatum

In movies, it stands out mainly the new of screamThe Croods: A New Age or the documentary of the most famous influencer in Spain Ruby X. But if series are your thing, start pointing because a new series addiction is coming: Papergirls, the new one stranger things.

We leave you below with the complete list of series premieres on Prime Video for this month of July 2022.

the final list

Chris Pratt stars in this story based on the novel of the same name by Jack Carr. The story follows James Reece after all his fellow Marines are ambushed in a high-stakes operation. He returns home with guilt issues and conflicting memories. But as new evidence comes to light, he discovers the dark forces working against him, endangering his life and the lives of those he loves.

Premiere: 1st of July


Prime Video

Based on the homonymous comics, the story is set in 1988, just after Halloween where Erin, Mac, Tiffany and KJ start their job as newspaper delivery girls. But suddenly they find themselves caught in the crossfire between warring time travelers, changing the course of their lives. For this reason, they are transported to the future and must now find a way to return home.

Premiere: July 29


The anime series revolves around Hinata, a young student who has decided to join the high school volleyball team after watching a game on television. However, he has a problem: his height. But this does not mean that he does not give up at any time.

Premiere: July 15


Premiere: July 8

Premiere: July 15

  • Angel Grandson. The man who defeated time

Premiere: July 22

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