Now yes, get ready because Google has set a closing date for one of its star services


If you’re still using Hangouts, say goodbye, because Google plans to shut it down in November and will ask you to migrate to Chat soon.

Several months have passed since Google made Hangouts permanently disappear from its Play Store, and it is certainly the once Google’s flagship instant messaging service has been officially ‘dead’ since 2017 though has never ended up closing definitively in the Real World™.

If you are one of those convinced users that still using Hangouts in his day to day you are going to have to say goodbye forever, and after many turns, rumors and unfulfilled claims, it seems that Google plans to close it next November after closing its app for Workspace last February.

Google Hangouts says goodbye definitively

It seems that Google Hangouts is finally saying goodbye.

And if you still have hope we have bad news, because this other movement does not seem in vain in this regard, since Google would have started the process of migrating Hangouts users in its personal and free version to Google Chat, also explaining this migration process in a brief infographic image:

Google Hangouts Migration

The concise infographic from Google explaining the migration of Hangouts.

The paradox of Google Hangouts: “dead” since 2017, but has reached 5 billion downloads

As the colleagues at The Verge told us following the trail of a press release published on the Google blog, there is no going back to this definitive migration and from Mountain View they will gradually notify users to migrate to Chat before the final closing of Hangouts.

to those who still use Hangouts in your mobile appwithdrawn as we said from the Play Store months ago, they will be told soon that they must go to Chat by notification. And the following will be the ones that use Hangouts in Gmail from the webwhich will begin to be notified next July.

Google’s idea is be ready to close Hangouts in Novemberkeeping the service active on the desktop website until that same month and always with a grace period of at least 30 daysonce the last users have been notified, so everyone can migrate to Chat in time.

Google will continue to enhance Chat with more features that improve its appeal in the coming months, and will advise users who still use Hangouts that they must migrate their accounts to Google Chat in an automated process that will move our history and conversations.

It is the umpteenth confusing move of Google with its messaging services, after having been suspended only a few weeks ago the forgotten Google Talk that still survived from the catacombs, and which Hangouts himself had come to replace years ago.

As for migration, don’t worry about it because it won’t be complex, because Google should transfer all your conversations and history to Chat automaticallyoffering its Takeout service so that we can download a copy of Hangouts data to local in case we want to save it before its final closure.

They also confirm from the Californian giant that Chat will continue to receive regular improvements in the coming monthswith the ability to make direct calls already on the exit ramp, create threads in Spaces or share and view multiple images, among many more features… We’ll keep track of you!

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