Meryl Streep and the day she wore the iconic María Félix beetle necklace

María Félix and Meryl Streep are considered two of the best actresses on the big screen.

Maria Felixknown as “The Lady” She was one of the most iconic actresses in Mexican cinema, who conquered both for her talent and power in front of the camera as well as for her peculiar personality and style.

For its part, meryl streep is considered one of the Hollywood actresses most important with an outstanding trajectory in which its 21 Oscar nominationsa sum that no one has been able to reach or exceed, just as it is admired by her warm personality.


What else could they have in common? Maria Felix and Meryl Streepin addition to their great contribution to the seventh art and their distinctive personalities? A necklace that united them forever.

When did Meryl Streep wear María Félix’s necklace?

Maria Felix was the muse of many designers, who enjoyed dressing her, because thanks to her personality she wore each garment and jewel in a special way. Her closet was impressive and his jewelry box was not far behind.


Among its ostentatious jewels, in addition to the well-known snake necklace covered in Cartier diamondsalso highlighted that of “Beetle” whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

However, before getting lost in the history and memory of María Félixthere was someone who wore the beetle necklace, nothing more and nothing less than… meryl streep.


For the 2007 Oscar Awards, meryl streep was nominated for Best actress for his role as Miranda Priestly in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’and although in that year, who took the statuette was Helen Mirren for his work in ‘The Queen’the actress captured all the spotlight.

meryl streep she arrived in a black dress draped in Prada signature black and to complete it, he wore the iconic María Félix “Beetle” necklace; an unforgettable moment for fashion.


What happened to María Félix’s beetle necklace?

After what meryl streep will use the iconic “Beetle” necklace, no other actress used it again. To date, the whereabouts of the jewel is unknown.

The beetles necklace belonged to Maria Felix but in 1996 it was auctioned in Genova, Switzerland. after the feat by Meryl Streep with the jova in the 2007 Oscar Awardsthree years later it was added to the auction lot “Always in Style: 150 years of Artistic Jewels” at Sotheby’s New York. It is currently unknown to whom it belongs or where it is located.


This is how he beetle necklace of Maria Felix united her forever with Meryl Streep.

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