Laziomania: the transfer market from Cristiano Ronaldo to one of Real Madrid B | A league

Rome is very hot these days, let’s say hot to Cristiano Ronaldo. Since a certain fantasy is a special feature of a certain type of fan, there are the audios, the Olimpicos booked for St. Peter and Paul (which is today, by the way, you have received the invitation). I don’t know if Roma really have economic or planning margins to take the Portuguese, which has already had a not entirely peaceful coexistence with the other great client of our Lord Mendes, and I don’t even care much. M.from Cristiano Ronaldo to Mario Giladefender of Castilla who would be in the sights of Tarea sea passes by.

Let’s go in order: here the discussion is not the names, if anything, the expectations of the square. The summer pinwheel is a kind of thermometer of what, somehow, journalists hope, smell, what they know and what they invent, what they hypothesize and what they hear, and what the fans would like. On one side of Rome the fans dream of the big shot, on the other they suspect the hunchback shot at the Tare.

THE QUESTION – Tare at Lazio has now become synonymous with “he’s taking a stranger, who knows if he’s really strong and who knows why he’s taking him”. If generically in the world of football the ds is quite respected, and recognized, in Lazio home many have the strong suspicion that he is involved in an internal war that is causing the evil of Lazio. I want to go beyond names, much further. They are all good if they are good players, if they arrive, and above all: IF Sarri wants them.

The impression is that, for the umpteenth time, a showdown is taking place. Yet another, the third. Lazio, already struggling with the known liquidity index problems (solved), with a complex sale (that of Milinkovic-Savic) on which not only this could depend, but many market sessions. The sale that has often been postponed, due to inability, will, agreements, is now on the table. We have often said: we will be able to give a first vote to the market depending on how many new players arrive in Auronzo. Pleased to meet you, here is Marcos Antonio. Which, as Sarri candidly admitted, comes for a rather tragic economic occasion, the war in Ukraine. And he’s great huh, but he’s young, and he’s never tried the A. Like Mario Gila. Casale and Romagnoli in Serie A have already played very well, we limit ourselves to emphasizing, even if we all hope that this Spaniard is Fernando Hierro revived. But then?

THE OTHER MATTER – It’s not just a question of numbers: in his latest interview, Sarri seemed very resigned. He knows that in retreat he will not have much available, he said so. And he said he had already said about him on Carnesecchi, which is a problem of society and sports director. Does he want it or not, despite the injury? If he wants it, what is he waiting for? To place the shot Sergio Rico, always from Spain, always with the same open channel, that of friends and trust, one of the few that lately Tare seems able to exploit? It is not just a question of numbers: what are we seeing?

Is Lotito able to guarantee that everyone in Formello is really rowing on the same side? That there is not a power struggle taking place, that a ds in the last year of his contract is not undermining the market of a manager whose contract has just been richly renewed? Many questions, as usual. Who gives us the answers? Not Lotitowho seems too busy facing the fans head on, not Sarri, who can only send the ball back to the other side. The ds Tare? Talk to only a few friends of the press, who are quite recognizable (if you want to give it a try, wait to hear how they will talk about the new purchases, whatever they are). We reiterate it: there are 2 central players, a winger, a mezzala if not two, a reserve striker. And let’s not forget: the transfer market will end and we will have already played for 5 days. Then there will be 2 months of stop before the other market. 2 months of rage in our faces, or two months of satisfaction for the good work done? We play everything in these weeks.

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