Joe Biden’s most American moment in Madrid

Madrid this week has become city ​​with the most presidents and prime ministers per square kilometer on the occasion of the celebration in the capital of the NATO summit. A scene that, without a doubt, will leave viral scenes and anecdotes. One of the first has been the most American moment Joe Biden could have starred in, worthy of any film starring a citizen of the country of stars and stripes visiting the Old Continent.

Felipe VI received Joe Biden at the Royal Palace on Tuesday.  (Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Felipe VI received Joe Biden at the Royal Palace on Tuesday. (Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Fans of movies and series will have seen countless scenes in which Americans travel through a European country amazed and ecstatic at the beauty of constructions and architectural works of art with centuries (even millennia) of Antiquity that the United States is not used to seeing.

There is also the version of those who, like the character of Bruce Willis in the great falconthey despise a treasure like the Roman Forum by referring to it as ‘rubble’ (or a similar term) and putting ketchup on the pasta. Biden belongs to the first groupto the excited tourist. More like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love.

East Tuesdayin a reception at the Royal Palace with Felipe VIthe Democratic president could not contain his fascination with the stage in which he was and was carried away by the enthusiasm in his words as well as making the occasional joke.

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“We are,” he said, “like poor relatives. We show up when invited and stay longer than we should. So, be careful, we may not leave. It’s my second chance at these magnificent facilities and the Royal Palace is incredible. Now, under the majesty of this palace, we have to share the same values. Some say we wouldn’t be an independent country without you guys.”

As the journalist Eduardo Suárez summed up when sharing that moment on his Twitter profile, without a doubt, the one starring the president of the United States before Felipe VI was a moment of “Biden in American mode freaked out with the Palacio de Oriente”. That yes, it does not stop being striking that chosen word by the tenant of the White House to refer to the Royal Palace has been ‘facility’, which translates as ‘facilities’ instead of monument, building or constructionfor instance.

The Biden joke praising the majesty of the Royal Palace and ‘threatening’ not to leave has been picked up by most media generating a multitude of reactions and comments on social networks. Although what many have agreed to point out has been the fact that in the end, after the joke, the US president thanks Spain for the independence of the US.

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