It lasts two hours and is the most watched in the world on Netflix: the movie of the moment

Netflix again caused a stir in the world of streaming. The recognized service to see series and films released a film lasts two hours and that became the most watched in the world today: is about “hustle” (“Claw”in Latin America), starring Adam Sandlerwho surprised thousands of fans with his performance.

The hit movie is directed by Jeremiah Zagar Y produced by none other than LeBron Jameslegend of basketball and of the NBAand his own Sandler, lover of said sport. The same leads the world TOP 1 for the second consecutive week and already has more than 57.19 million hours viewed.

What is Garra, the Netflix movie of the moment, about

“Hustle” (“Claw”) It is an extremely inspiring sports drama film. The story revolves around “Stanley Sugerman” (Adam Sandler), talent scout who for more than 30 years travels the world to recruit unknown players who can reach the NBA. Although his career was not very good, on a trip to Barcelona he meets “Bo Cruz” (Juancho Hernangómez, player from Spain and the NBA), a street basketball player

However, and in order to reach the NBA Draft, both “Stanley Sugerman” and “Bo Cruz” will have to face various difficulties and obstacles that will come their way.

The video of the trailer for “Claw”, the Netflix movie of the moment

The reviews of “Claw”, the most watched Netflix movie in the world today

Released on June 3 in theaters, and precisely on the 8th of the same month in Netflix, “Claw” promises to be in the TOP 10 of the streaming service for a long time. In fact, the great critics cataloged the film very well starring Adam Sandler. On the one hand, on the specialized site IMDB adds an average of 7.4 points (more than 54,000 people voted). On the other, in Rotten Tomatoes accumulates 92% approval.

“Claw”, the Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler is the most watched in the world today.

Criticism of “Claw”, the successful Netflix movie, on social networks

Increase in Netflix prices: what are the new values

  • 1 Screen Basic Plan: increases by 14%. Cost $429.
  • 2-Screen HD Standard Plan: increases by 25%. Cost $799.
  • 4-screen and UHD (Ultra HD) Premium Plan: increases by 27%. Cost $1,199.

Why there was a resounding drop in subscribers on Netflix

  • Netflix removed renowned content from its catalog.
  • Netflix he launched productions that were not very successful.
  • The competition (Disney+, Star+ Y Amazon Prime Videoamong others) took ground from Netflix.
  • Since it was known Netflix will charge an additional amount to those users who share their usernames and passwords, there was another significant drop.

The truth is, from the crisis that Netflix lives, the authorities of the streaming platform are aware that they must make a radical change in order to be competitive again and continue to lead the world of series and movies. In case of not finding the way, the feeling of danger will be latent…

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