Is ‘Roblox’ really shutting down in 2022? Fans are freaking out over the rumor


Fans of the game design platform Roblox have faced many rumors about the demise of the platform. There are countless videos and posts online claiming that the platform will be shut down in a certain year, and when one starts making the rounds again, players start to worry.

So is Roblox really shutting down in 2022? This is what we know.

Will Roblox be shut down in 2022?

Rumors of the site being shut down began in early 2020. News that the popular block-based game was going to be shelved went viral as users eagerly awaited any official confirmation from Roblox about its future. The site finally responded to all claims that the game would go the way of the dodo, and don’t worry, despite the most recent rumours, it looks like the game is here to stay.

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A bit of fake news that persisted well into the COVID-19 pandemic predicted that the game would experience a total shutdown in March 2020, which had Roblox users on edge, dying to know if the rumors were true or not. No. .

This was despite the fact that on January 14, Roblox broke his silence on Twitter and confirmed that the gaming platform would not be saying goodbye in 2020, or anytime soon. And because? As of this writing, Roblox enjoys some 199 million monthly active players worldwide, so saying goodbye to that kind of user base doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s get things straight: Roblox is not “shutting down.” The same hoax (with some modified details) circulates every one or two years. Remember: don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! 😆

— Roblox (@Roblox) January 14, 2020

The tweet that cleared up all the panic read: “Let’s get things straight: Roblox is not ‘shutting down.’ The same hoax (with some details changed) circulates every one or two years. Remember: don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Now that the Roblox rumors have been cleared up, we have to discuss how these intense rumors came to be in the first place.

Where did the ‘Roblox’ rumors originate?

One of the first times gamers became concerned about the site’s demise came after an article by React2424 began circulating in 2020. The article stated, “Due to population, Roblox servers will be shut down on January 22nd.” March 2020. It was a fun time, but we make less money now and can’t maintain the servers. We don’t have the money to support them.”

Although we now know that the rumor was just a hoax, this report really seemed to be the end of Roblox.

Source: React2424 Another reason people thought ‘Roblox’ was crashing was because of the error messages.

If you play a fair share of Roblox, then you’re probably all too familiar with the error messages that pop up every time you try to just play the game and have a little fun. In fact, server crashes are such a common occurrence for gamers that it has become something of an online joke.

But that doesn’t mean the game is going away, and even if you run into these issues, it’s usually only a few minutes before you can log back into your account and get back to Roblox with your friends online.

Source: Roblox If you’re having trouble playing ‘Roblox’, Down Detector is your friend.

The popular site will let you know if any of your favorite websites are experiencing outages, and it doesn’t just work for Roblox, you can test it with virtually any URL you visit online. Try using it here to make sure your Internet connection or account isn’t the problem before you lament your misfortune online.

Is ‘Roblox’ safe for children to play? Now it is more than ever.

Since this is a game that allows full creation of your own choosing, people may be inclined to add things that may be insecure or too mature for other creators to enjoy. In June 2018, a group of gamers got together and made their characters. “gang rape” another character. The game character who was being sexually abused was a 7-year-old girl. After reporting what happened, the players were banned and new safeguards were added to the game.

Although there are some security concerns surrounding Roblox, the service has still gained exponentially more users over time. At least now we know that this growth will not cause Roblox to shut down. Rest assured, if Roblox were to shut down, you’d probably hear about it first from the developers.


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