Is Karmaland coming back? The enigmatic clues of Vegetta, Rubius and WillyRex

Is Karmaland back? This seems to be the case, or at least that is how we have wanted to understand it. All things considered, three of its most iconic players have consistently posted a lyric, revealing the initials of the popular Minecraft series. It was started by Vegetta777, who displayed a “K” on his personal Twitter account.

Only the style already made us think of Minecraft, because the design wants to remind us, saving distances, of the Minecraft blocks. He was followed a while later by Willyrex, who added an “A” to the equation. At that time, the networks already went crazy. Many users were 100% sure that it was Karmaland.

The suspicions became even more evident when Rubius added the third piece of the puzzle: “R”. Thus, the three streamers published three images in a time-ordered manner revealing the first syllable of the series: “KAR”.

What is Karmaland?

Lyrics uploaded by Vegetta777, El Rubius and Willyrex.

Lyrics uploaded by Vegetta777, El Rubius and Willyrex.

For those of you who don’t know, though it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of him, Karmaland was a Minecraft-focused Twitch event that brought together dozens and dozens of content creators, both big and small.. The elections to the presidency of the place were one of the most emblematic moments of it, crossing borders to the point where, during the Evening of Year 2, there was a certain pique (jokingly, of course) between Luzu and Lolito.

Among some of its most outstanding players we find The Rubius, Vegetta777, Fargan and Willyrexfor example, but they are by no means the only ones. AuronPlay, Alexby11, Mangel, Lolito, Luzu… A lot of streamers joined the event, creating one of the most outstanding series in the history of the Spanish-speaking community.

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