Hugh Jackman’s wife responds to rumors that the actor is gay

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness credit: Bang Showbiz

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness credit: Bang Showbiz

Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, has lightly responded to rumors that the ‘Wolverine’ star is gay.

The 66-year-old Australian actress, director and producer, who has been married to the 53-year-old actor since 1996, described the rumor as “so silly” but said it is one of many that have circulated about them since she catapulted to world fame.

During an intervention on the podcast ‘Not an Overnight Success’, Deborra-Lee said: “Hey guys, if he was gay, which he could be, he wouldn’t have to hide in the closet anymore and he’d be dating Brad Pitt, or whoever. . Not that Brad is gay, but you know what I mean.”

The renowned co-founder of Our Hopeland, an NGO responsible for giving homeless children up for adoption, called the rumors silly and asked people to stop reproducing meaningless gossip.

In another part of the interview, the Australian actress also talked about how she copes with her on-screen partner’s intimate scenes.

“It’s very strange, I guess because I’ve done it so many times before, I know it’s not romantic. You have the light on your face, you must say your lines and concentrate on everything being perfect, I know that it is never sexy or romantic, “revealed the actress.

However, when it comes to seeing her husband, she added, “When I’m sitting in the theater watching, especially if I’m with the kids, I feel a bit awkward. But also, I’m usually very good friends with the actresses I’m with.” works. In this medium we all know each other”.

The couple met on the set of the Australian series ‘Correlli’ in 1995. They married 11 months later, on April 11, 1996.

After moving to the United States in the early 2000s, they adopted two children: Oscar, 20, and Ava, 15. The happy couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary earlier this month.

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