How to exercise more times a week, according to fitness experts

“I have mastered that of packing in the morning and leaving. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer guys who want to try this, it’s to find a good bag for the gym”.

Do you feel bad when you don’t do those ten sessions?

“For me, do exercise It is a constant in my life. The more things happen to me, the more pressure I feel and the more I want to do exercise. I firmly believe that if I didn’t have bad days or a lot of pressure on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be able to fill the press banking as much as I can. The gym is my outlet to release that pent up energy. Some people get up, take a shower, and brush their teeth, and all of those things are part of their day. This is part of mine.”

“A lot of people might not believe it, but for me it has nothing to do with having a good body. I think it’s a byproduct of why I do it. If I don’t, I’ll be thinking about it all day.”

What do you say to people who suggest you slow down?

“If you are passionate about something and you really want to do it, you will see how you do it, whatever it is. It all depends on how much you want to do it. For me, the fitness is that thing. Normally, that kind of feeling comes from someone who wishes they had this kind of dedication in their routine.”

“I am very lucky to be able to get up every day and do exercise. Some people don’t have that, and unfortunately there will be a day when I don’t either. I try to do as much as I can, while I can do it.”

Your fitness life is not at odds with your social life

Group workouts can help motivate you.


  • Name: Brian Kendrick
  • Age: 30 years
  • Occupation: Sales Director
  • Number of workouts: 12 times per week

Do you think that living in a big city influences how active you are?

“Of course. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I realized I missed everything that comes with team sports: companionship, union and physical activity. That’s when I started to group exercise to be part of a community.

Would you say that exercising in a group is the biggest part of your routine?

“I’m going to some kind of class. fitness in a group four or five times a week. They are classes that I go to for pleasure and also to meet fun people with desire to exercise. I try to visit my three favorite studios weekly. As for everything else, well, I lift weights or do some kind of strength training three times a week, and I would say that it is the type of training that best suits my body.”

“Other than that, I run constantly. I hit the road to do 15-18 miles a week, spread over three runs. About a year ago, I started organizing a running social club called Untitled Recreation. It’s given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, and it’s so much better than spending a lot of money and consuming calories at the bar.”

Does this influence your work? Do you talk about fitness at work?

“For the past several years, I have been part of a team working on building a new software technology company called FitGrid, which is why my co-workers are so passionate about health and fitness. fitness like me. I have worked hard to immerse myself in the industry of fitness. My role has been to network and interact with studio owners and instructors in major cities, so with that being said, a large part of my job involves do exercise. And he wouldn’t change it for a second.

Article originally published in GQ US.

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