HBO Max brings back great modern classics like ‘ER’

Next July, the platform adds three mythical series that until now were not available on any streaming service in our country. These are ‘Alf’, ‘ER’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

The original cast of the legendary ‘ER’.

Summer can be an ideal time to bring back those old series that we haven’t seen yet. Or to see them again, for the sake of savoring a way of making series that, perhaps, you like more than the current one. In any case, when it comes to watching old series, there are titles with which you are safe. HBO Max knows this and has confirmed the arrival on its platform of three series from three different decades, that were not currently available for streaming in Spain.

The most prominent of the three is the mythical Emergencies. The NBC series has the honor of being the most nominated in the history of the Emmy awards, with 122 nominations. With 15 seasons under its belt, it was the longest-running weekly medical series until it was surpassed by Grey’s Anatomy, still on air. It will be available on HBO Max on July 17.

The series, set in the emergency room of Chicago County General Hospital, was a landmark of 90s television. A window to medical realism, with a frenetic production that used the steadycam to get us fully into the adrenaline of life or death situations.

‘ER’: What else?

Created by the author best-seller Michael Crichton (jurassic-park), produced by Amblin of steven spielberg and with the presence as showrunner in its first seasons of John Wells (The West Wing of the White House, Shameless), emergencies it is still an addictive series thanks to the fabulous characters that make it up. The most iconic are the initials, of course, like Dr. Ross played by George Clooney or nurse Carol Hathaway played by Julianna Marguiles (The Good Wife). And how not to forget Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) or Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards). Over the years emergencies It was losing steam with so many character changes. But he did maintain the narrative intensity and taste for good hospital drama.

In addition, the series had great guest stars, as the recently deceased Ray Liotta in the magnificent episode titled ‘Time of Death’ in addition to Alan Alda, Ving Rhames, Ewan McGregor, Forest Whitaker, Susan Sarandon, Rooney Mara, Kirsten Dunst, Sally Field or Julie Delpy. Quentin Tarantino, a fan of the series, also participated in the first season, shooting chapter 24, entitled ‘Motherhood’.

Watch out for Alf, everything comes back.

We must travel to the 80s to talk about the following classic title: Alf. Perhaps now we will only think of her to talk about the infamous case of the late actor who gave life to the father of alpha, MaxWright. Beyond that, the series starring a talkative alien from the planet Melmac who, fleeing from his planet, ended up at the Tanners’ house, it was a brutal success. A traditional sitcom but with a Martian twist from which an endless amount of merchandising was produced. Before Bart Simpsons came along, furry Alf was probably the most beloved tongue-tied character on television worldwide. Its four seasons can also be seen on HBO Max starting in July.

Throughout this month, in which the platform will also add series such as LutherDowntown Abbey Y office, the distant cousin of the latter will arrive, Parks and Recreation. The series is created by the North American managers of office, greg daniels Y Michael Shur. It is one of the great comedies of the 2010s. Incomprehensibly, and unlike office, It was not available on any platform since Prime Video lost it from its catalog a couple of years ago.

Leslie Hope, ready to serve on HBO Max.

Starring amy poehler in his role as LeslieHope, Parks and Recreation maintains the aesthetics of mockumentary to place us at the center of the local politics of Pawnee, a fictional town in the state of Indiana. Along with Leslie Hope, a troupe of characters that dazzled fans of the series. Among them, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), april (Aubrey Plaza), Andy (Chris Pratt) or Tom (Aziz Ansari). Although it initially cost him to shine, over the years Parks and Recreation was gaining followers getting a reputation as a cult comedy that you should definitely check out now that it will be available again.

Written by Serialized (@serialized) in June 2022.

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