Haircuts 2022, the ones that rejuvenate to try

hair cuts that rejuvenate 2022

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Age groups do not in any way define what is right and what is wrong for a person, yet knowing which cuts can best enhance one’s decade can help if you are thinking about a change of look without knowing which direction to take. It being understood that every cut can overcome any boundary and become intragenerational, as long as it is worn with personality and style, the haircuts that dot the universe of the “over 20”, years of discovery, growth, responsibility combined with lightness, fully reflect the desire to experiment and knowing new versions of himself. The entrance into adulthood, the university, the first real job, new rhythms of life, new habits, new friendships and interests: a refreshing dip into the unknown made of small big steps, which inevitably is reflected in personal style – never stationary or monotonous. Through a haircut, therefore, you can tell what you are experiencing, but also what you want to be, living past and present as a single dimension in continuous evolution.

A change of look like that of Iris Law, the twenty-one-year-old model daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost who, already the face of the new Versace 2022 beachwear campaign, has upset her haircut by focusing everything on a bold cut that makes her perfectly recognizable. Having cut her long natural brown hair, the young woman marked her entry into the decade of her twenties with a platinum blonde buzz cut, which she loves to play with today, trying her hand in styling with a rebellious allure, like the horn hair shown on the Cannes Croisette in occasion of the screening of Forever Young at the 75th edition of the Festival.

hair cuts that rejuvenate

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It goes without saying that any change, whatever the paths taken and the directions one intends to follow, must reflect one’s character and be in harmony with one’s character. Looking for example at the world of fashion, top models of the caliber of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, have always favored haircuts with an elegant-chic soul with cuts midi or long. Undoubtedly, color can be a very rich source from which to draw to give a boost of novelty to the hair, just as Kendall for example has ranged between the shades of blond, first, and those of mahogany, then.

Regardless of whether you want to go all-in with a short and drastic cut like Iris’s or prefer longer haircuts, ranging from bob to extra-sized locks, the best advice you can rely on are trends. summer 2022. Yes, therefore, with deconstructed buzz and pixie cuts, with a boyish and unruly soul, who are not afraid to dare or to be judged and who play with the size and verticality of the cut, even with shaving side, in order to restore harmony to the face and its proportions. Alternatively, clear cuts in bowl cut style that from the classic bowl version can be transformed into an elegant sleek hair with a wet effect.

youthful hair

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Looking elsewhere, in the direction of celebs like Miley Cyrus and Ursula Corberò, a mullet or a mixie – the cut that combines the dimensions of a short cut on the front and a medium cut on the back of the hair – are the inspiration from the retro taste. perfect for diving into another era, giving the right push of contemporaneity to the haircut. As soon as boredom takes over, it will be sufficient to let the cut grow into a bob and then into a lob, accompanied by a fringe that can be shortened in micro versions or parade into curtain bangs, in a drapery or in a side tuft .

If we are talking about cuts from the shoulders down in trend for Summer 2022, asymmetry can be found in a multi-level structure, such as a double cut, a scaled or pulled and clean cut, to be combined as desired with fringes. most in vogue of the moment, from the Birkin fringe to the drape bangs, restoring the cut to its own personality in the final styling, more irreverent and rock or jaunty with a romantic soul.

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