Fortnite x Fall Guys: how to get free items

Epic Games has several hits on their hands. Two of them are Fortnite Battle Royale and Fall Guys, which has recently been made available for free to all players. How could it be otherwise and to promote both, Epic Games has started a collaboration event, with free items as rewards.

Here we will tell you everything about the Fortnite x Fall Guys event and how to get Commander Mancake. You can see both the character and his objects in the videoshowcase of ShiinaBR under these lines.

How to get Commander Mancake playing Fall Guys

The event Clash of Crowns be available from today 06/29/2022 until 07/13/2022 (two weeks). It simply consists of playing games of Fall Guys to get rewards in fortnite battle royale and to Fall Guys. Obviously, it is necessary to have your accounts linked to Epic Games so that the system knows that you have won the reward.

The challenges and rewards of the event are as follows:

  • Play 10 rounds in Any Show: 300 Commendations (Fall Guys) + Spray Mancake, Candy Mancake (Fortnite).
  • Play 20 rounds in Any Show: 500 Commendations (Fall Guys) + Love Sweet Love Emoticon (Fortnite).
  • Play 40 rounds in Any Show: 800 Commendations (Fall Guys) + Sweet Bite Pickup Tool (Fortnite).
  • Play 70 rounds in Any Show: 1,000 Commendations (Fall Guys) + Waffle Maker Backpack Accessory (Fortnite).
  • Play 100 rounds in any show: 1,200 Commendations (Fall Guys) + Commander Mancake (Fortnite).

Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 3 now available!

Fortnite Battle Royale - Artwork of Season 3 with the characters of the battle pass plummeting towards the Battle Island

We remind you that we have a full guide for the Season 3, Episode 3 of fortnite battle royalewhere we will tell you everything you need to get everything in the successful Epic Games game.

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