Fortnite would have already left the first clues of a possible final event of Season 3

If there is something that raises my hype for Fortnite like nothing else, it has nothing to do with the new skins, or the content updates that come to the game, but with how Epic Games makes the plot of the game advance subliminally throughout a specific Season. Don’t ask me why, but it freaks me out discovering the first little clues that something very important is about to happen. And this is precisely what I am here to talk about.

The thing is, as the leaker known as Ako on Twitter, there is an item from the current Season 3 of Fortnite which could be very much associated with a possible final event of it. Next, I leave you with all the details so you can understand what exactly I am talking about:

  • If you stop to read the dialogue lines of some NPCs on the map of Fortnitemany of them they comment that there is a great threat on the island of the game
  • This would have to see with the Tree of reality that is located to the east of the battle royale map
  • According to the theories, it is expanding to different locations at the cost of Zero Point energy
  • In the final event of Season 2 the face of a villain who could be related to all this was seen for a few seconds

Would you like Fortnite to celebrate a final event in this Season 3? I don’t really know why I’m asking, because these types of events are the kind that are capable of lifting anyone’s spirits. Either way, I’ll keep you posted on anything else I find out about all of this.

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