Find out how much Julia Roberts earns per movie

When we talk about Julia Roberts there are no words that are not related to success and glamour. Her extensive career in the film industry has made her one of the most famous actresses and, above all, with the highest monetary income of the seventh art.

Define precisely how much you earn Julia Roberts or his colleagues, per film, is somewhat complicated because the costs and cache vary according to many items, such as recognition, whether or not it is a leading role and also the cast that is part of the production. Everything makes income vary.

Julia Roberts is one of the most established actresses.

It is a reality that each project is a specific case and has its characteristics, Julia Roberts He has come to consecrate himself and receive a lot of money. According to the Variety portal, which in 2021 shared a list of the best-priced actors and actresses, the protagonist has raised a total of 25 million dollars for her performance in Leave the world behind, a Netflix film whose premiere is expected in 2023.

In said reportJulia Roberts equals another of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, such as Jennifer Lawrence who earned the same amount of money for her work in Don’t Look Up. In addition, they are the first women to appear on this list who top the 100 million dollars Daniel Craig earned from the Knives Out sequels.

Regarding what is known about Leave the world behind, the film that has her Julia Roberts, 54 years old as the protagonist, is a project that is progressing slowly but surely. With no confirmed release date, it is known that Roberts will share a cast with Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Mahershala Ali, among others.

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