Financially, which is the best purchase?: “Can, bottle or loggerhead”.

  • At a Latin American level, Mexico ranks third in terms of beer consumption, while worldwide, it is in 30th place.

  • The brewing industry plays a fundamental role within the manufacturing industry in Mexico, reaching number 20 of the country’s sectors.

  • In this scenario, Mexico annually generates just over 8.95 billion liters of beer per year.

During 2020, beer production in Mexico was just over 118.7 million hectoliters, placing the industry as one of the most important manufacturing activities in the country, since just over 118.7 million hectoliters were produced, a figure that shows the large amount of national consumption of this type of intoxicating beverage, a reason that generates various doubts among the final consumer, when questioning what is the best beer purchase between its can, bottle and loggerhead versions.

Although the Czech Republic is the country that consumes the most beer in the world, Mexico is not far behind, being this alcoholic product, one of the most sought after within the national territory.; however, due to the large number of purchase options available to consumers, one of the biggest questions is which presentation is best for their pockets.

And it is that the brewing sector in the country plays a fundamental role for the industry, since the Ministry of Economy positioned this sector as one of the 20 most relevant manufacturing activities. According to what was indicated by the federal agency, Mexico holds the 3rd place in Latin America in terms of beer consumption; however, that position falls to 30th place worldwide, Well, the Czech Republic, Namibia and Germany, as the most beer-producing countries, are recognized as the most beer-producing countries.

What is the best beer buy: can, bottle or loggerhead?

Whether it is consumed in bars, self-service stores, warehouses or grocery stores, beer continues to be one of the main purchases, since according to what is indicated by the Government of Mexico, a Mexican consumes 60 liters of beer per year and there is an annual production of just over 8.95 billion liters in the country. How to define how much beer to buy and in what proportion?

For this, it must be taken into account that, depending on the brand, the price of beer varies; however, within the national territory there are recurring brands among consumers’ tastes, such as Victoria, Indio, Tecate or Corona, beers that have at least three presentations: bottles, cans or loggerheads, so when buying their approximate prices, you can define which is the smartest purchase in terms of quantity and price.

If the comparison is made, by means of prices established in stores, for example, a six of commercial brand canned beer, around an approximate price of 80 pesos, with a quantity of 335 milliliters, while a bottle six is ​​around 130 pesos, for the same amount of content, so it is considered that a loggerhead is equivalent to 3.38 cans of beer, that is, for each 1.2-liter container of beer, it is enough for a little more than three glasses, financially, it is a better option to consume beer in its version of loggerhead.

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