FC Juárez has multiple debts and open cases in FIFA and the FMF Dispute Committee

A few days before the Apertura 2022 starts, the Bravos de Juárez face various problems with soccer players who wore their colors in the past

MEXICO — With a case that is currently being settled in FIFA, as well as others in the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission, FC Juarez will start the Opening 2022 with multiple debits to at least 10 players.

Various sources consulted by ESPN confirmed that Marco Fabian won a lawsuit last April for breach of contract against FC Juareza club that unjustifiably fired the Mexican midfielder and did not want to pay him the remaining year of his contract, which included the Apertura 2021 and Clausura 2022 tournaments

Fabian de la Mora He went to the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission of the FMF, which ruled in his favor last April, but the board of directors of the border club appealed to FIFA and to this day the highest body in world soccer still has not issued its sentence.

However, this is not the only case where soccer players claim the lack of payment of braves.

The sources consulted confirmed ESPN than nine other players who no longer enter plans for FC Juarez for him Opening 2022 They have approached the Mexican Association of Soccer Players (AMFpro) in recent days because they are owed several months of salary and they have not been able to reach an agreement with the club.

These players are the Uruguayan Diego Rolán, the Colombian Fabián Castillo, the Argentine Marcos Mauro López, as well as the Mexicans Paul Aguilar, Hugo GonzalezJosé Joaquín Esquivel, Martín Galván, Carlos Rosel and Flavio Santos, said the sources consulted by this medium.

Of all of them, last week they filed a formal appeal before the FMF’s Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission, both Hugo Gonzalez such as Martín Galván through the legal representative of the AMFpro, while José Joaquín Esquivel, today a Necaxa player, did so through a private lawyer.

The hearing between the players and the legal representatives of the border club will take place next Monday, July 11, with the president of the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission, Ernesto Meade, as mediator.

The rest of the players mentioned, Diego Rolán, Fabián Castillo, Marcos Mauro López, Paul Aguilar, Carlos Rosel and Flavio Santos, are looking for a solution with the board of FC Juarez or studying the possibility of going to FIFA to settle the matter, although this resource is only available to foreign players (NFM) Rolán, Castillo and López, since Mexicans must go to FMF Disputes.

“Controversy had to be raised because they have not paid to this day,” said a source consulted by this medium, who requested anonymity because the legal process is ongoing.

“Diego Rolán is owed four months; Marcos Mauro, three months; a Hugo Gonzalez, two months. Most are owed for a month or more, “added the informant.

Another of the sources consulted said that Liga MX intervened a few days ago to speak with the president of FC JuarezMiguel Ángel Garza, after several players claimed debts amounting to several million pesos.

“The players who no longer entered into plans did not answer the phone (the sports director) Joaquín (del Olmo) nor (the club president) Miguel Ángel Garza,” added the source.

“That’s why Liga MX intervened but the response it got from Juarez it is that everything possible was being done to bring the club up to date after paying the relegation fine and trying to cover the debts with the squad that did stay for this next tournament”.

While a club source told ESPN that the fine for occupying the last place in the quotient table has already been settled 100 percent, as well as the entire current squad and coaching staff in June, another informant mentioned that the club continues to owe several million pesos in salaries to the players who have already been discharged from the club, such as Galván, Esquivel, Aguilar and Santos.

The debts also extend to elements that are no longer in the team such as González, already in Rayados beyond that Juarez has not announced his resignation, as well as elements that are still in the squad but are not sure about their future, such as the cases of Rolán, Castillo, Marcos Mauro, Santos and Rosel.

“What is most striking is that they are hiring players like Alfredo Talavera and Darwin Machís with millionaire salaries, when there are debts with many players who were in the previous tournament,” commented an informant.

“Many say that they do not want to pay them all their money for poor performance, like what Álvaro did (Navarro, former sports vice president of FC Juarez), who did not pay the players if they did poorly, although now it is another directive, ”said another source.

ESPN He was also able to confirm that the Conciliation and Dispute Resolution Commission mediated a lawsuit by Spaniard Pol García, which was resolved two or three months ago after the footballer and FC Juarez They will agree on an amount as compensation for the player.

Sources of FC Juarez They said that the directive seeks to reach an agreement with the 10 players to whom it owes money, although all the cases are pending resolution either before FIFA, before the competent FMF Commission or directly.

What does the regulation say?

Article 96 of the Liga MX Competition Regulations states that teams must not submit debts in order to compete in an official tournament.

“In order for a Club to start the Qualification Phase, as well as its participation in the Final Phase of any of the Tournaments that make up the Season, it is an essential requirement that it meets the following obligations:

1. Keep up to date with the payment of fees to LIGA MX.

2. Do not owe any amount that for any reason is registered with the FMF.

3. Not have any debt registered and recognized before the FMF in favor of another Club.

4. Not to owe any amount registered before the FMF, for Resolution issued by the Commission for Conciliation and Resolution of Controversies and comply within the terms stipulated by it or by the Executive Presidency of the LIGA MX the resolutions that arise as throughout the competition.

5. Not having a registered debt with Players and/or Clubs that come from international organizations such as FIFA, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.

6. Do not owe any amount registered with the FMF, by concept of resolution issued by the jurisdictional bodies of FIFA, Confederations and/or TAS, as well as comply with the terms stipulated in the resolutions issued by the bodies in question”.

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