Eva Mendes defends Ryan Gosling’s look in ‘Barbie’ wearing his underpants

The movie based on the famous Barbie It’s causing a lot of buzz since it was announced. The first images have shown how their protagonists will look Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and they have not left anyone indifferent.

The Recent photos from the shoot on the beach in Venice, California, have caused a sensation for the eighties nostalgia they give off. In them you can see to the leading couple on roller skatesand dressed in colorful neon sportswear, leggings and knee pads.

But if there were some commented images, they were the first ones that allowed to see Ryan Gosling characterized as Ken. With her platinum-dyed hair and slit-sleeved vest, she showed the musculature that has worked for the charactergenerating many comments on networks for his appearance and his hair.

Eva Mendes, partner of the actor, already applauded Gosling’s look for this new film. “So fun. So good. So excited to see this… That’s my Ken“, Mendes wrote in an Instagram post with the famous photo of the new Ken.

Now, on The Talk program, she has also come out to comment on her impressions of this new role for her partner: “The first thing when I saw the photo was that my 14 year old self was screaming inside“.

On platinum hair of Ryan Gosling to characterize himself as Ken and the criticism he has received from some fans, Mendes has not hesitated in defending him.

“People know that he’s not playing a real personright?” Although he has also made his taste for this look clear: “It’s as if men had started a rebirth, rather a kenbirth“.

“It’s a funny photo, and he’s trying to be funny, which has worked on every level. But when he sent it to me working and I saw her I thought ‘Can I keep those underpants?‘ Please, I never ask for anything,” said the actress in reference to the gosling underwear pictured in which you can read Ken instead of Calvin Klein.

And then, to the surprise of the interviewer, Eva confesses that wear those underpants under the dress at that moment. “There was something in the photo that turned on my little teen inside,” he confesses.

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