Dakota Johnson responds to her viral video with Johnny Depp

Dakota Johnson responded to the video that fans of Johnny Depp went viral a few weeks ago. In a new interview, the actress Cha Cha Real Smooth He assured that he has no memories of this moment that caused a whole debate in social networks.

What did Dakota Johnson say about Johnny Depp?

in conversation with vanityfair, Johnson referred to a striking video of her and Depp at a press conference. The clip, titled The exact moment when Dakota Johnson knew that Amber Heard was violent with Johnny Depp, accumulates more than 3 million reproductions.

According to fans, The actress would have seen an alleged wound on the actor’s hand and would have asked him what happened. This generated a whole conspiracy theory in the middle of the defamation case in cagainst Amber Heard.

However, Dakota Johnson made it clear that He doesn’t want to have anything to do with the subject. And that moment was not like that. “For the love of God. Why am I being brought into this?” she recalled of her initial reaction to the video with Johnny Depp.

“I don’t remember at all. But please, don’t bring me into this. Don’t let it go any further,” the actress continued, acknowledging that she doesn’t want to be called to testify for a viral theory. “I can not believe that people see the trial as if it were a show”he continued.

“It’s very, very crazy. Humans are weird. The Internet is a very, very weird place.”Dakota Johnson added. It should be remembered that the actress and Johnny Depp met in 2015, after both starred in the action film, BlackMass.

Recently, it was reported that Dakota Johnson will be the protagonist of madam web, Universal’s new film for the cinematic universe of Spider Man. Given this, revealed that he is “muscled” to prepare.

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