Chris Hemsworth’s chef confesses what the actor eats daily

      Let’s face it: we’d all like to be Chris Hemsworth. We are talking about one of the most successful actors in Hollywood… and one of the most desired men in the world, with an enviable physique. At 38, the Australian sports a body that seems sculpted by the best of sculptors. But, although much of that is due to having excellent genetics, Hemsworth works hard to be like that.

      In fact, the actor has shared his nutritional secrets exclusively with our fellow Men’s Health United States via food expert Sergio Perera, a chef Hemsworth regularly works with when he needs to get in top shape for a role.

      “As the food expert on Chris Hemsworth’s new health and fitness app Centr, I’m lucky enough to contribute recipes to thousands of people around the world,” Perera explains. MH. “However, long before the app he was working with the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, to adjust his diet and nutrition in preparation for film roles.”

      “The routine below is a sample week of what Chris’s meals can be like when he’s in hard prep mode,” Perera explains of Hemsworth’s diet. “It’s the culmination of a lot of trial and error – over the six years we’ve worked together we’ve discovered a few things that have made a big difference in his overall health and well-being.”

      As you will see, the Australian diet is very varied, with meat, vegetables, shakes, dairy… they also take snacks and supplements for muscle recovery, while helping the body calm down before bed.

      Take note because this is the five-day routine that Thor follows to have that great body:


      8h – Green shake with proteins

      10am – Yogurt bowl with mixed fresh berries, chia seeds, almonds and honey

      12h – Training

      13:00 – Post-workout shake made with vegetable protein, ice water, BCAAs and 1g of vitamin C

      2:30pm – 225 grams of grilled chicken with crispy sweet potatoes and an arugula salad with seeds, walnuts and salty apple. Lemon and olive oil dressing on the side

      5:30pm – 2 rice crackers with Vegemite, tuna and cherry tomatoes

      7pm – 225 grams of white fish with grilled mushrooms and a salad of raw broccoli

      9pm – Half a small paw/papaya with yogurt and berries. Magnesium/zinc supplement

      perera says: “Chris’ day always starts with a big green smoothie made up of 5-6 different types of green leafy vegetables and greens, low glycemic fruits, nuts, seeds, fats and small amounts of sea salt to help with electrolyte balance , nerve transmission and glucose metabolism”.


      8h – Green shake with proteins

      10am – 3 fried eggs on wholemeal toast with Vegemite and avocado

      12h – Training

      13:00 – Post-workout shake made with vegetable protein, ice water, BCAAs and 1g of vitamin C

      2:30pm – 225 gram beef fillet, grilled butternut squash salad with spinach, herbs, cucumber and ½ cup steamed rice

      5:30pm – Chicken and vegetable soup with barley

      7pm – 8oz of white fish, green salad with radicchio and balsamic dressing. A side of roasted mixed vegetables

      9pm – BCAA with magnesium/zinc supplement

      perera says: “Before going to sleep, you will take a serving of BCAAs along with a magnesium/zinc supplement which aids in muscle recovery, while helping to calm the body at night. This also decreases the build-up of lactic acid in the body to help you recover faster.


      7am – Green protein shake

      9am – 3 scrambled eggs in a spelled wrap with tomato sauce

      11am – Training

      12pm – Fresh tuna sashimi salad with sour and green leafy vegetables, avocado, walnuts and half a cup of sushi rice

      3pm – A homemade frozen green bar (a mix of spinach, frozen cooked cauliflower, chia seeds, dates, spirulina, bee pollen, banana, almond flour, pumpkin seeds and cucumber)

      18:30 – Grilled lamb chops, mashed cauliflower, grilled zucchini and roasted carrots

      9pm – Yogurt with a little honey and BCAAs with magnesium/zinc

      perera says: “Steamed rice is Chris’s favorite, but he sometimes mixes it with whole grain/seed breads, rice crackers, oatmeal or potatoes.”


      8am – Almond and banana smoothie with flax oil, bee pollen, a pinch of sea salt and vegetable protein

      10am – 2 fried eggs on a slice of spelled bread with hot spinach

      12pm – Training

      1pm – Post Workout BCAA Protein Shake

      2pm – 225 gram grilled steak, grilled romaine salad and vegetables with ½ cup wild rice pilaf

      4pm – Beef jerky sandwich with nuts

      7pm – Steamed snapper with tomato, onion, roasted Brussels sprouts and a small baked potato with Greek yogurt

      9pm – BCAA and magnesium/zinc supplement

      perera says: “We both believe it’s very important to maintain variety in your meals so you can get the results you’re looking for (which is building muscle for Chris) without sacrificing your health, your performance, or your taste buds. You have so many more options for eating ‘clean. “of which you imagine”.


      8am – Raw cocoa and frozen berry smoothie with coconut oil, chia seeds, dates and vegetable protein

      10am – Savory porridge with olive oil, Parmesan and two poached eggs

      12h – Training

      13:00 – Post-workout shake

      14:00 – Chicken salad with sesame, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, pickles and ½ cup of steamed rice

      5pm – A homemade frozen green bar

      7pm – 225 degrees grilled mahi mahi, grilled asparagus, grilled tomato, and a dairy-free Caesar salad

      9pm – BCAA with magnesium/zinc supplement

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