Cabecita Rodríguez had a chaotic welcome to MexicoMediotiempo

Mexico City /

The wait for the America fans is over. Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez is already in Mexico to be his reinforcement in this Opening 2022, in the middle of a chaotic welcome caused by the security elements of the azulcrema club by seeking to distance him from both the press and the group of fans who came to receive him.

El Cabecita was received by just over a dozen members of the bars of Club América who met at the international airport of Mexico City, which they waited for more than two hours for his departure.

As soon as Rodríguez left the airport lounges, the fans sang to him and they asked him to deliver now that he will wear the colors of the Eagleshis third team in Liga MX football after playing for Santos and Cruz Azul.

The charrúa was also welcomed by some people from the Águilas staff, who had planned to give him a scarf to show off his incorporation, although that could not be because security intervened to take him to the van.

This Wednesday, the Cabecita will carry out the rigorous medical exams in the morning to then stamp your signature on the contract that will bind him for the next three years to the institution.

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