Brad Pitt and George Clooney sacrifice salary in new film

Brad Pitt and George Clooney sacrificed part of their salary in the movie they will star in for Apple, why did they do this?

dead line had the opportunity to talk with George Clooneywho took advantage of the talk to reveal that both he and Brad Pitt gave up part of their salary in the next film they will star in for AppleTV+this with the intention that it have a theatrical release:

“It was an exciting time because it got to be one of those rare bidding wars, which ended up being pretty extreme. Apple offered Brad and I a big salary to star in the movie, we told them we’d agree to be in the project for less money if it would guarantee us a theatrical release, and they agreed. So I think there’s a way that streaming and movie theaters can co-exist.”

Many details about the new movie they will star in are still unknown Brad Pitt and George Clooney for Manzanabut thanks to dead line we know that the project will have the direction of jon watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home), and its story will revolve around two lone wolves who are assigned to the same job.

George Clooney

Difficult times to project in theaters

These statements come after an interview that George Clooney toasted to Entertainment Weeklyto whom he revealed that film complexes have been unwilling to screen their feature films for some time:

“Honestly, theaters haven’t wanted to show the movies I’ve been making for a long time. They tell me something like: ‘Look, that’s not what we do anymore’.

During the same conversation, the famous actor mentioned that while he wants protect the experience of watching a movie in a movie theaterstreaming platforms have become the space where adult dramas can continue to exist, as opposed to the cinematographic complexes dominated by blockbusters franchise and sequels:

“For a long time it has been difficult to make these films, since long before streaming platforms arrived. It was hard to do The descendants either nonstop love. But luckily streaming has opened a big door to the world for these kinds of films that I love to watch and make.”

George Clooney
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